i'm a gurl who no's wat i'm talking about

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i am a girl and i was just wondering if we r aloud to be in it as well or if its just guys

-- alysha (rjmott@xtra.co.nz), November 05, 2002


whatkind of question is that? I don't think anybody cares as long as you've got some decent input, unlike some of these cocks who come on here with too much spare time, and talk out of their asses about who's momma's they scored. Also it helps to check your spelling, becuase it looks like you've never gone to school.

-- asdf (cr@p.com), November 12, 2002.


-- (catskinner7@hotmail.com), May 23, 2003.

you allowed to do whatever u want girlie!

-- azwinkle singh (jfgkjhk@freezingcoldroom.com), June 28, 2003.

depends on how big your tits and ass are!!!

-- Dean Burnett (yourmomma12@hotmail.com), March 07, 2005.

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