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Is there a way to reduce cracking in tomatoes?

I tried several new varieties of tomatoes this year and was surprised that they developed cracks that pretty much ruined the fruit -- the cracks developed before the tomatoes ripened, and by the time the fruit was ripe, the cracks had developed mold. I read more about the varieties and found that cracking was listed among the traits for the varieties (Brandywine Red, for example). Is there any cultivation tip that reduces the tendency to crack?


-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002


I would agree with Joe that consistent and even watering is very important. If you let your plants get too dried out, they can take up water so fast and so much that the fruit's skin cannot expand fast enough and split. Some tomaotes are more prone to cracking than others. It is a crack resistance is a trait that breeders select for.

Also as Joe mentions, ALWAYS water the roots and not the plants. A good way to introduce disease in your tomatoes is to use a sprinkler or spray with the hose. Soaker hoses are good as is drip irrigation.

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2003

My understanding is that uneven water supply is what leads to cracking. I'm new to the site, and certainly not an expert, but I've always lived with a certain amount of cracking. When watering tomatoes, I think it's a good idea to water with a soaker hose to the roots versus a sprinkler too. I just cut out the bad spots and enjoy when the Brandywine tomatoes split on me. Good luck!

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2003

Not really an answer,I have the sam problem i,ve heard of many things to do i,m lost,its only a few,but as its the first time i,ve grown these,as we,ve only just moved into a property in the UK with a garden that,s suitab,e,there in containers on the Patio,so they may suffer ,as we,ve had a hot summer hear so they,ve been watered quite a lot or else they dry out,its only some,i would like to know of a way to stop this also,i do hope you dont mind me writing to you like this,i think you expected an answer only,but i,m totally lost on this one,,is there any chance we could swap tips on all these problems,Thanks,Pat Aitchison.

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2003

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