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This morning I was thinking about the people that God has brought into my life for me to work with do his kingdom building. It is an impressive list and it includes all of you! Thank you for opening your heart to me, my daughter and our church. I remember years ago when I was in seminary everyone was excited about this electrifying preacher that was coming to Princeton Seminary. I noticed the A.M.E students were especially excited. I was United Methodist's at the time. Everyone said get there early or you wouldn't get in the our small chapel. The white students were equally excited. I was not able to attend to hear this preacher. For one one the members of the church where I did my field education was sick and needed me. The next day even the professors were talking about the great preacher. I felt so left out for I was one of the few people who had missed him. For weeks there were quotes about things he said, and I again felt left out. It is funny how God works things out. For that great preacher was Bishop John Bryant, he is now my Bishop!!! I was ordained by Bishop Bryant and he brought my church into our denomination. I shared this story with the President of Princeton seminary for he remembers how bad I felt, for I felt left out. And today I am doing ministry with and for Bishop Bryant. There will be times we feel left out or that we have missed something. But if we stay on the course that God has set it will work out better than we expected. What does that scripture all things work for good for those that love him mean to you?

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

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