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hi i have to read a number of short stories by poe. i am finding in so difficult to annalyse most of his work. if any one has annalysed the pit and the pendulum could u please please send of the following headings to me: the setting- how the plot realates to i, style, athmosphere etc..? characters- the main characters and their role to the plot and how they effect it. ? any style to create fear or tension build-up? any other style of writing poe uses in this story ? the main themes and how he developes and establishes them? sorry its really long but it would b so nice if ne one cud do this for me. if any one else has any problems with poe short stories i have finally got the correct answers so just email and id b happy to write an answer for u, thanx..

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002


waht i know about this story is that the whole story is about a turcher, which represent the acturla life. the pit represent the grave. the pendulam represent the time in our life. poe is telling us that the life is like a night mare , where we donot find order but instead we find disorder and horror. also i can tell you that poe suggests that horror should not be the subject of art. art should includes beaty and shuld be as an escapesim from the actual life which is full of horror.

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2002

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