What are some of the ways we can imitate Jesus in our daily lives

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As Christians we are called to imitate Jesus in everything we do. In the 21st century our lives are so busy, how can we imitate him. Let's look at the work place, family and church. Please feel free to quote scripture. It is always good to hear the word of God.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002


Dear Rev. Rogers,

I was reading something the other day in IN TOUCH magazine by Dr. Charles Stanley about this subject. The article basically stated that Jesus is our role model and many times those of us who are trying to be like him feel frustrated when our own human efforts to do so fail. However, the writer said that the frustration is a good sign because it reminds us that we need the help of the Holy Spirit to be like Jesus. I believe that there is good and evil in every human being but the Christian acknowledges the evil in him by confession to God. The Christian then follows the Spirit of God which then makes it possible for good to come forth. Otherwise, if the Christian does not follow the Spirit of God, then evil comes out of him. I thank God for the Holy Spirit who teaches us and then enables us to be more like Jesus.


-- Anonymous, November 06, 2002

Jazzman thanks for your thought provoking words. One the ways we can imitate Christ is to be a servant. We live in a world that tells us to focus on the individual, go for the titles, the most prestigious jobs, etc. We often times forget the strength and power of the ministry of Jesus was his absolute unwavering desire to serve his father God. Everything he did and said pointed the way to God. There is nothing on this earth that will last forever but our relationship with Christ will. Being new to the A.M.E denomination has been a learning experience. When I walk into any church I am a servant of God. I do not need to sit on the pulpit with other clergy or feel the need to have laity treat me differently. When one use the model of Jesus he treated everyone as if they were special. I feel as a clergy person we are called to treat laity with love, respect and compassion. Those of us who have been called by God to be ministers are called to serve. I pray we will all have the heart of a servant, that is to go where God sends us. In scripture humility was seen as a strength and to serve God was the highest honor one could give to God. I hope we will continue to discuss ways we can imitate Christ on this board. For by imitating him we will have peace on earth and in heaven.

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2002

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