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How does team work affect worker productivity? How can it lead to undesireable results? When do teams work?

-- Kendal Gold (, November 03, 2002


I am a student a Northumbria University. I am in my final year studying Quantity Surveying. For my dissertation I am looking into the benefits of teamwork within the working environment. I will be testing my theories in an integrated project in the construction Industry.

If you had any studies, research projects or advise which would help me I would be greatly appreciative.


Katie Ford

-- Katie Ford (, March 16, 2003.

A team access as a guide, a guidelines or leader inductive and proyective method in a cross-functional set of tasks. A team affects individual productivity, the improvement of individual productivity, or the low productivity in individuals that not integrates themselves to the team. A team can produce a big difference in quality and quantity of production, the problem is how to guide the team mental structure along the time. Maybe a team can be good in a specific task, but maybe developing actions within strict and large procedures, teams could not be so positive. I think... maybe there is another point of view. After all, I think that teams, are neccesary in our days. Teams involves a group of collective and sinergic attitudes, that must be ordered and controlled by good leaders. A team is nothing without good leaders. Abel

-- Abel Gallardo O.; I-O MSc. (, September 23, 2004.

Team work affects worker productivity by ensuring that everyone contributes their share. This also allows the focus to be on the desired end result rather than on an individual's personal goal. It can lead to undesireable results if members have selfish motives or hidden agendas. Teams work best when all members feel confident that they are involved in the process, they are able to make viable contributions and they are repected as individuals.

-- Felton Fedrick (, November 21, 2004.

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