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Why is it that public school library funding is cut so short? When they have paid librarians they are only paid 8 hours a week. That is not enough time for student time in the library and time for the upkeep of it. Why do people not find this to be an important thing?

-- Cindy (, November 03, 2002


Many people believe that the library is a reliable source of

education, but I believe the library is a main souce, but not as

important as the education students are receiving in the classroom.

It is not a necessity to keep a school library open for more than

eight hours; that's why it is important for students to get a library

card, so that they may have excess to one of the public libraries

provided by the city, so just stress the importance of having a

library card and let's get back to the main problems of this school


-- Ms. DeJuan LaCine Carter (, March 12, 2003.

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