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Help, I tried to copy an avi file onto a vhs tape via my video card. everything works exept the contents of the video window. This part is dark on my tv when i play a avi file. can someone help me?

-- newbie (sam_broggs@hotmail.com), November 03, 2002


Hey, I had a similar probolem, but went at it a sepearte way. Ok, if you have a laptop, go to radioshack, and ask them how you can hook your computer up to your TV using the colored connections on most TV's/VCR's. There are 2 cords you can get to hook it up. When you got your computer screen on your TV running through your VCR, play the file at full screen and hit record on the VCR, Works great for me.

-- Bobby (an@answer.now), November 03, 2002.

I have already connected my laptop with my vhs via Composite RCA cable. On the Tv i can see and record all the contents of my monitor but when I start to play a movie on my laptop i can see it on the screen but not on the tv. The content of the window where the movie should be playing remains dark on my tv even when i record. Thanks

-- newbie (sam_broggs@hotmail.com), November 04, 2002.

make sure to set the tv as your primary display in the advanced display settings

-- asd (asd@asd.asd), May 11, 2003.

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