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Time to start a new one. I don't have much time to post anything right now -- gotta walk the dog (ever and anon). Weather report said it would me a mixture of rain and snow today. So far, it's 41* and partly sunny! Not complaining . . . (although I could wish it was warmer!)

Still not hearing geese very often. I haven't heard the owls late a night recently either. I hope they're still around.

-- Anonymous, November 03, 2002


Hi Joy and everyone.

Still very busy here...getting ready for the rains to start (whenever that is; the season is really overdue!) and working outside whenever I get the chance. The veg. garden is still a mess (beds need to be worked, weeded, etc.) but the sheep barns, hay, fencing, bedding, etc. chores, are mostly done.

Mr. S. and I did a short hike today (I told him I'd feel guilty for a while, leaving a filthy house, and chores undone...but as predicted, that lasted for about 20 minutes!). Beautiful day, and the leaves are still looking pretty good.

I've been "over at" OrganizedHome.com, doing the Christmas prep thing. So far, I've got my card list into a dBase, bought cards, bought stamps, and have some solid shopping plans in mind. Mr. S. is going to host T-day this year (he has a long weekend). I'm already dreaming of wonderful food.

We may go camping on the peninsula this next weekend (there go the garden plans again!). Oh well. Life is short and this time of year I may be able to stay slightly ahead of the weeds.

Have a great week, and REMEMBER TO VOTE!

-- Anonymous, November 03, 2002

Boy, oh, boy, am I not feeling well. Either I picked up a bug or ate something bad. Coming out both ways...oops, probably shouldn't mention that, should I? We had gone to Boston Market yesterday, so it could have been from that.

Oh no, gotta go....

-- Anonymous, November 03, 2002

Happy Monday morning, everyone!! Are we having fun yet :-)??

What a weekend!! Had company (my older sis, her daughter and my sis-in-law) that arrived late Friday night. Harry was terribly out numbered in the hormone department. But he took it like a gentleman! Plus, on Saturday, Morgan wanted to come over and spend the day with her two aunts and her 24 yr. old cousin...whom she idolizes! I cooked up our last turkey from 2001 (22 lbs.) and we all had a delicious dinner Sat. afternoon. It was pretty much an early Thanksgiving, but we don't usually see them on that holiday anyways... so it was fine with me! Since it was miserably windy that day, we stayed indoors and had "Mario" tournaments. I still have one of those older Nintendo game sets and lots of the old Mario Bros. cartridges. These are over 10 years old, but they all work very well. Everyone left Sunday afternoon and Harry and I spent the rest of the day splitting and piling our firewood. So far, I think we have about 4 cord piled up. I always judge how much firewood we have by the size of the "mountain" of split wood and whether or not I can see over it from my kitchen window. Only about 3 cord to go and my MIL's house will be blocked from view :-)!!

Sheepish...I checked out that site...OrganizedHome.com... and I got tired just reading about how to get organized :-)!! You have my admiration for getting it all together for Christmas! I haven't even started my mail order or online shopping yet. AND I'll bet my garden is in worse shape than yours!!!

Dee...sure hope you're feeling better now. Gotta watch out for some of that "stuff" at the Boston Market. I can remember spending a day or two there myself when we lived on Cape Cod!!

Gotta get some laundry started. You know how it is the day after company leave. Changing beds is one thing, but why is it that company seems to use all the available towels and washcloths?? Then I really have to get the woodbox filled. Weather folks here are talking about an inch or two of snow this afternoon!! Cool...our first snowfall!

Hope everyone is doing well...!!

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

Organization sites make me tired too! ;-) I don't do Christmas/Holiday cards anyway.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

After 2 1/2 weeks I'm finally feeling healthy again. The Molly Plague continues though, it's latest victims are Paul, Oz, Jason, and Liz. We named this bout of the flu the Molly Plague in honor of Paul's 13- month old daughter Molly. She was sick with the sniffles one evening but almost everyone who came in contact with her got a full-blown case of flu.

Remember I posted about this seller on eBay that screwed up my order and then posted negative feedback about me even though it was his fault? I've since received emails from 2 more buyers who have had the same experience. They're afraid to post negative feedback for him because then he'll retaliate.

We broke in a new drinking horn on Saturday evening with some homebrew mead. Oz is new to brewing and he hasn't quite got it down yet but at least this batch was drinkable. (His first batch made excellent paint thinner!) This batch was a bit frightening to drink. The horn is pretty long, so you could smell the alcohol long before it reached your lips. But then when it finally made it to your mouth it didn't really have any taste. It was kind of like drinking 40 proof water. :)

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

I'm feeling better today. Had to have been a touch of food poisioning. Can it come on 24 hours later? If not, then it's the turkey lunch meat I bought thinking the recall was over. But Gary had a piece and other then feeling a little nauseous, he was fine.

My husband took the day off so we could work together, so even though I was feeling punky, I was out there trying to help. Unfortunately, there is a mud puddle right in the line of where we have to drag the log splitter. But there is no way I'm hand splitting or dragging out full size pieces.

My hay guy never cut the second cutting of the hay so I'm not sure what I will do. He's charging top dollar for the first cut but if it gets nice during the next couple weeks, he might be able to get another cutting out. I might have to go somewhere else but my regular guy is nice, even though I have to pick it up myself. It's funny, no one is ever there and I keep saying to him it's a good thing he trusts me. Apparently, I'm only one of a few he sells to. He does have some really nice alfalfa though.

Hey Marcia, I still have a working Atari set. Kept it for nostalgia. Hey, remember Pong? Or Wocka, wocka? How about when Mr. Potato Head was only pieces and you had to use a real potato? (My husband doesn't believe me on that one)

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

Hey everyone! Glad to see some names popping back in - how’s the wife and kids, JR? BTW, I’m using that subling B-complex you recommended and it does seem to be helping the energy deficit some - Thanks! The forum is getting a bit “girly” - where the heck are you, Wildman? But that's not meaning that I'm not glad to see Debra back - hey, where you been?! And Jay - you ever hear of B&B worm ranch? I think YOU need to have a booth at the farm show next year! It was great to see John checking in as well - I’ve been wondering how the dove/homing pigeon business was working out - saw some really neat looking fan tailed pigeons at the farm show…and speaking of the farm show…

It was really neat! I didn’t get much in-depth information; but we both came home with a lot of ideas - I’ve caught Hubs checking out some pastured poultry sites; and when my pad of graph paper went missing on Sunday I found it cozied up with a Menard’s ad - looked like he was designing a barn to be made out of one of their metal buildings. So that got us to talking about using local materials. Don’t think we’ll be ordering one of those sawmills we saw operating any time soon tho! We both like the looks of a “real” barn - tho we both agreed that we’d need stairs, rather than a ladder to the hayloft - getting’ old! The fellow from Dadant got Hubs interested in bees, so he is thinking of spending some of his winter days out by the fire in his shed, getting our old bee equipment in shape. I’m not complaining! I’ve always liked the bees - just ain’t big enough to do all that lifting on my own. Heard lots of info on rotational grazing and/or management intensive grazing for parasite reduction, grass feeding of stock year-round, better grass management etc…. Poultry breeding, saving antique breeds, hogs, diversification, beefalo, draft horses, stock dogs, alpacas (which had me reaching for my inhaler every time I got close!), soap making, red wattle hogs, at least 4 different poultry tractors, turkeys, rabbits, small poultry processing houses, fish farming - catfish in ponds and tilapia in greenhouses, hoop house growing…..

So, yeah - we’re going back next year! Planning to stay a bit closer to the site - maybe even on the site if we can finagle a camper, or, even better, a heater for our box trailer. Tho, I’m not sure that Hubs is brave enough to take a trailer along! A truck bed AND a trailer to haul stuff home in? I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven! I’ve added a cookie tin to the fruit jar and coffee can savings accounts in the pantry - I sure did like the looks of those BSC small walk behind tractors, and I REALLY liked the small round baler that you could run with one…..They had at least 4 booksellers there; and I helped ensure that they wouldn’t have to pack up quite so much to take back home! Picked up some Logsdon books, and some permaculture ones, nutrition books, small farm books, and this really neat instrumental bluegrass CD that’s playing as I’m typing this! I learned to buy the books I wanted when I saw them, instead of waiting - missed a couple that I’ve been unable to find on half.com by taking a walk around the arena area to think about them first - gone when I got back - bummer! Hey, maybe I could load the trailer with books to sell; and come home with other stuff! Except then, I’d have to have someone to mind the booth, and I don’t want to miss any of the good seminars… I got some bars of lilac soap that I’ve cut in smaller slices and tucked away in my knicker drawer, and hung in little bags in my closet - what a lovely springtime smell! I closed my eyes while I was pulling on a bulky sweater against the cold and grey this morning; and suddenly I was out in the back yard among the lilacs and it’s one of those heady spring days with the sun shine heavy on your head, bees buzzing in the lilacs and kittens tumbling ‘round your feet, birds twittering and the scent of soil fresh turned for planting. I’m talking some REALLY GOOD soap here, folks! I’m gonna have to write on my calendar to go down to the locker plant and pick up some suet next spring when the lilacs are in bloom and try making some on my own (thus ensuring the soap folks a regular customer!!) Wonder where she buys her essences? Hmmm…

Other than all that, nothing much going on here on the home place. Still haven’t gotten the gardens completely cleaned up - and won’t be doing it today, either. Grey and cold and rain; tho if the temperature drops another 5 degrees, it will be grey and cold and snowing! I’ve got big old fat Boo-Boo kitty on my lap as I’m trying to type this (all typos are HIS!), the coffee is hot, and it’s warm and dry inside, I’ve got a big stack of books waiting to be read, and some stew beef waiting to be cooked up with bright orange carrots and green celery, Yukon gold potatoes and a good hot onion…what’ya think - biscuits or corn bread to go with?! There’s a warm green corduroy jumper hung over the drying rack, it’ll be ready for me to pull on when it’s time to head in to work tonight - it’s one of my favorites; partly because it’s the grey-green color of chrysanthemum leaves in the spring, so when things start getting to me, I’ll just think back to kneeling on a rug on the sidewalk, taking mum cuttings and potting them up, and how pretty they’ll all be when they’re in bloom - it helps make the blues go away. Y’know, I really don’t think life gets much better than this!

I’m heading for the coffee pot and couch (books are already stacked at the waiting!) You folks all take care, and have a good week,

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

I got out of bed 30 minutes early this morning so I could go vote bofore work and I'm not feeling too bad. We'll see how I feel later on this evening. :)

I am so glad it's election day today. One of the congressional races and the local sherrif's race have gotten really super-duper ugly in the past couple of weeks so I'll be glad when all the ads are finished. I was pleased to see that the Libertarians were able to field a full slate of candidates on the ballot, their candidate in the above-mentioned ugly congressional race is very strong. It would be nice if enough people would be disgusted enough with the other 2 candidates to vote third party but I'm not holding my breath.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

I always get tired of political ads, but I really hate the mudslinging ones -- and they play them over and over and over! The Governor's race has gotten really mean here. {sigh} I walked the dog and then we hopped in the van and went off to vote. She wasn't allowed to vote, of course! But she likes to ride so much, I figured I might as well give her a little treat.

It's raining here and trying to turn into snow, but it's just a hair too warm for it to be snow. If it keeps up, rush hour might be interesting. However, the weather reports are saying that the next three days should be much better. We're supposed to get to a whopping 53*F on Friday! I don't think we've seen the fifties since about a month ago. Yech!

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

Ya know what I really hate, Joy?? When the phone rings and it's one of those political campaign calls!!! Really ticks us off! There's been quite a bit of mudslinging here, too.

Getting ready for a storm tomorrow. Supposed to be high winds, rain in the morning and maybe a few inches of snow in the afternoon. We checked our generator today...expecting to lose the power!! Cool! By Friday and Saturday it's supposed to be sunny and 50 degrees again! Weird weather!!

Wonder how Alison is doing??

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

Hey folks:

Things are a bit slow over here at the home front. The seven month old girl is doing great . . . drool is on nearly every shirt of my wife and I . . . and she is into EVERYTHING; nothing is safe from her. She might be a future ashmatic though - she has had some breathing difficulties whenever our otherwise welcome cold fronts blow through, and she has even been put on medication used through those portable respirator - I know it isn't a respirator, just can't think of the name off the top of my head - and she does well. She is mom's shadow. My wife is already potty training her, sorta. Everytime my wife goes to restroom at our house, she sets our daughter on a potty chair next to her. It's working great - they look like cat turds. Not too shabby for such a young one.

The boy? Well, speech therapy is helping some, but he is still behind in speech - not speaking in complete sentences - normally just one / two word phrases. But he is smart as a whip; he hides his clothing in some imaginative places. We found one sock stuck way down in the toe area in my wife's shoes, for instance :^). He is completely potty trained (took SIX months, for crying out loud), but he is done. No accidents so far, never wets his underwear at night. Only thing he needs to work on is putting his underwear BACK on when he's done. We'll see him sitting on the floor in front of the t.v., shirt but no undies. I thinks he's testing us to see if we're paying attention.

Otherwise, we're okay. We're enjoying the first really good cool front in a while - had 49 this morning, clear and NE wind around 5 mph. I sure could use a couple of mornings like this in August. One of my projects at work is really coming along well, but my stress is definitely higher. A couple of weeks ago, our local blood bank wouldn't take me in because of borderline high blood pressure. Never happened before - I should drop at least 30 lbs. minimum, but blood pressure has never been an issue until now. Guess I'm getting old (sigh).

Talk to you later, have a great day.

-- Anonymous, November 07, 2002

I have been having a tough time functioning this week; completely discombobulated from the past two weeks' events. We have been doing serious inquiry into the possibility of moving to Canada. Bren has dual citizenship, since she was born there, and we have the necessary assets, so it shouldnt be a problem. Lotus figures she cannot leave this area though, cuz her boyfriend is in school here, and she is making a name for herself musically, and that she can get nowhere in the business if she is in Canada. I am absolutely agonized over this; I don't think either of us could bear to be so far away from each other, at least not yet.

We do not want to continue to give our considerable tax money every month to the Bushco war machine, that is the bottom line, and I don't know what else to do.

The people have spoken, and I am ashamed. They have made clear that what they care most about is making certain not one penny of their precious money goes to those less fortunate, that as little as possible goes to the public services they deride, but willingly give bottomless billions borrowed from our childrens' futures to BushCo so that he can, unopposed from within, wage war wherever and however he sees fit, and make a mockery of our foreign policy in every conceivable way.

Optimists tell me its yet again because so many do not bother to vote, that people are still good and kind and care about each other, but if voter turnout is to blame, their apathy tells me different. If so many others truly still believe we are here in this earth school to take care of each other, to be the spiritual beings in a physical body that I believe we are, to use love as our guiding principle in all things, then why would they stay home? What on earth could possibly be MORE important than choosing the future of one's country??

Maybe we are beyond help. Maybe greed has become our religion, our abiding compass. Fear has won again, and I am saddened beyond description.

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2002

{{{{hugs to Earthmama}}}} The only bright spot in our election was that the Libertarians got enough votes that they'll automatically be included on the ballot for the next election instead of having to petition for a spot.

Here's what I'm wondering about the Canada thing...once the war starts, what are the chances that Canada won't just fall along in line? If you transfer your tax dollars to Canada will you just be supporting the Canadian war machine (such as it is) instead of the US war machine? Would it be more or less disruptive to stay in the US but reduce your income to a level where you didn't have to pay as much in taxes? I'm sure you've already thought of all these questions and even more. There is a woman who posts under the name Cathy N on the Country Families forum and she is in the process of obtaining Canadian citizenship for her family. She might be able to give you some practical insights into the logistics if you need them.

I caught the last hour of "The 1940's House" on PBS Wednesday night. My first thought was that it would be so very interesting to participate in an experiment like that. My second thought was that we might be living that situation in real life if things continue at this pace.

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2002

Thank you, Sherri, for your kind response. You are a sweetie!

I think the thing that drives me nuts most often about this forum, and has often provoked a knee-jerk, temporary reaction to walk away from it, is when I pour my heart out about something and get no reaction whatsoever. It's so weird to me, like standing in a room with a bunch of friends, blathering on, and they all just stand there, silent. What are they thinking, I wonder? Do they think I'm nuts? Or brilliant? Or completely wrong? Or stupid? Do they agree with me or not, and WHY? Why exactly are we standing here, if not to discuss the things on our minds and hearts? I'm sure we all have more "constructive" things we could be doing with our time. Why are we wasting our time standing around? Isn't it rude? I dunno, just asking.......I'm in a knarly mood anyway, although getting better I think, and sometimes this forum makes me nuts with its emotional highs and lows.

The thread on the war was wonderful; everyone pitching in with their heartfelt stuff, really discussing something important, getting to know each other better, learning from each other. Every once in a while that happens, but not very often. HELP!!

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2002

EM, I'm sorry that you're having such a rough time emotionally right now; and I hate it that you feel in between the proverbial rock and a hard place with regards to remaining in the US or remaining nearby Lotus - it would be heartwrenching to feel a need choose between physical closeness to your children; and your ideological beliefs. I wish you some peaceful moments as you try to get through these days.

I'm listening; or reading anyway; when you speak. Sometimes, I don't answer because I feel I would make your stress worse. And mine; for that matter - I've not enough energy to disagree, even here, where I feel safe. Even though I may not agree with what you feel; I do understand that you are truely distressed over the events of the past few weeks; and the future that you forsee. I hope that being able to pour out your heart here is cathartic for you. I hope that whatever choices you make work out well for you and your family. (And watch your health - you know what stress does to the body.) Hugs..

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2002

E.M....You're ashamed at what the American people have "said" during this election, and I'm ashamed that I don't keep up with reading all these posts at least once a day!! I've been reading Joy's Healthier Living post, but just have not gotten back to the OTF chat. Soooooo sorry!! I'm sure that this is the time for a group hug!! About the move to Canada...maybe Sherri has a point. Most likely the Canadians would fall right in line behind the U.S. and support Bush's war machine. Sure reminds me of the Vietnam days!!! For me, my strongest tie would be with my daughter and would I really want to be so far away from her??!! But only you can make the "right" decision. Whatever you decide...we're all behind ya :-)!! We might not all be in the same "room" at the same time...but we're here for you!!!! Like Polly said, I hope you feel comfortable enough to always pour your heart out here...and please remember about that stress thing :-)!!!!!

j.r...good to hear from you! I truly hope that your little girl does not have asthma. So many kids nowadays do! Why is that?? I remember when my son (now almost 30!) had croup as a 6 month old and it was torture for Harry and I to listen to him cough and cough and cough! I will NEVER forget it! Heard on the news a week or so ago that So. Texas had lots of rain. I was wonderin' about ya!

I better go find some jokes to post on my Laughter Is the Best Medicine thread...for you, E.M.!!!

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2002

Speaking of Bush's war machine...it was a nerve-racking day here in Maine! The F-18 planes were flying overhead almost all day "practicing". The Bangor airport is the major refueling stop for them before they head overseas!! Something is going on here that most of us are oblivious to....really scary!!

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2002

Only a quick note to say that Julie is down here with me again, we have been very busy doing errands, and neither of us has reallly had any computer time. She's going home tomorrow sometime, so I'll probably have time to read carefully tomorrow evening.

Sorry, EM, I'm not very happy about the political trend either, but don't have time now to discuss.

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2002

Thanks for all the good thoughts.......I'm feeling better today; I'll try not to be so whiney!

As to Canada's war machine: my understanding is that their military budget is not nearly the overall percentage ours is; Canada does not to my knowledge represent the historical ugliness throughout the world that the US does; Canada does lots of good things with their tax money......takes care of their citizens and the things people need, like their infrastructure, which I wouldnt at all mind paying for, even in greater percentages.

-- Anonymous, November 10, 2002

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