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As-Salaam-Akium Greeting I live in the Washington area and I have search every where to find someone that could help me via ruqua or reciting verses over me to heal me from what I truly know is evil eye and jinn problem .I am not crzy nor am i stupid ut this is real and embarrasing . I try to perform it as muc as possible with my self but I can only read the Koran in English . Rally I need help quickly . Also I read that there is a part of "exorcism and treatment come with using wodo water the bathing with it but i am confused as how to do it . Please tell me and also refer me to simple and understandable language how to remaove this problem . If I recite the second Sura the Cow in english will that help also . Does playng tapes of the Holy koran in english in my room have positive affect and s it equal to me reciting . Last con you let me know how I could find assistance with Zakat due to me having become ill and losing my job resulting in me not beig able to pay my rent . I am very nervous and have only one week to make payments Lastly the time has change here and I am unsure when the time that they say Allah comes down to the lowest heaven to see who is awake and praying . My name is Rainey Muhammad and my address is 2934 Bellevue Terr . North west , Washington DC 20016 My number is 202-424-5731 and 202-965-3108 ext 4 Please help me . As-Salaam-Alikum

-- Rainey Muhammad (rainone@onebox.com), November 03, 2002


kill yourself&youwill see allah

-- rasputin (vsw@22werirzon.net), December 10, 2002.

Brother, With all the respect to ur case, Shitan/Jine..etc r exist as the Quran & our relegion tells us....BUT? If it s a very serious matter that affect us or our life it would b discussed n more details to protect us. The Islam did't considre it a big issue other wise the Devil will b controlling us, So how ALLAH ask us for what we have done n the judgement day. What I'm trying to say: Even if what u see is true (it can b 100% illusion of ur fears) so what ? they r other creature that can't harm u any how as long as ur faith n ALLAH is true and strong. Simply read (with faith & no fear) the last three Sura of the Quran: Ekhlas/Elnas/Elfalaq.

That all u need faith and don't care about it what ever it is ALLAH sayed n the Quran: "They can't harm any body without his permission" So if u beleive n ALLAH/ISLAM/QURAN don't care.

-- Osama Elmancy (omancy@yahoo.com), February 18, 2003.

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