DCC auto reverse loop module

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Where can I find an electronic scheme/diagram of an auto reverse loop module ??

I would like to build it myself for my HO layout.



-- Itay Cohen (itay@il.ibm.com), November 03, 2002


Hello: I think this guy has a complete description of what you're looking for on his site. http://www3.telus.net/HarrisFamily/ReverseLoopPage.html There are a lot of other electronic links at this page: http://www.minidcc.com/LinkPage1.htm The first link on this page is for Rob Paisley's site. He has a lot of interesting info. Unfortunately, when I clicked to his site tonight it wouldn't come up. Hopefully it's temporary and you can get it. There are other good sites linked on the first address, so you might find other projects to work on. Hope this helps and Good luck.

-- Doug Lowry (douglowry@charter.net), November 13, 2002.

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