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2 things:

1. I have discovered a grammarical error on this forum. "How San Francisco got it's name." "It's" signifies the contraction of the words "it" and "is." However, "its" is correct because it is the possesive pronoun. Possesive pronouns do not contain apostraphes, like "my" and "your". I would appreciate it if you changed this error.

2. I heard that the Palace of Fine Arts is going to be renovated in 2006, a long overdue one indeed. I'm a big POFA fan, and this comes as great importance to other ones. Thank you.

Good night and have a pleasant tommorow.

-- Sean M. Hall (, November 03, 2002


Its funny how you attack someone for grammar problems when you cant spell right. Look above, you said: Subject:not a quetion. Question is spelt Q U E S T I O N! NOT Q U E T I O N. I beginning to think your a 3rd grade drop out cause man you suck at spelling.

-- Trowa (, November 03, 2002.

I am very sorry for being a hypocrite. I wrote that when I was tired. Please excuse me.

-- Sean M. Hall (, November 03, 2002.

I am sorry about this question. I had only just found out that possesive* pronouns did not contain apostrophes and was keen to share my newly acquired knowledge in the hope of looking clever, in particular cleverer than whoever asked the question and indeed all of the rest of you for not pointing it out yet. Aren't I smart? Can I have a cookie yet?

* Perhaps tommorow I will learn how to spell "tomorrow" and "possessive" and not post questions such as this one - or indeed any of my other questions - full of idiotic mistypings when the spelling I'm complaining about could easily be a mere typo as well, and I trust you will all applaud my genius then too.

Next week I might learn not to bitch at UK posters for not using "gotten" instead of "got" when "gotten" is almost exclusively North American in usage and regarded as clumsy and incorrect elsewhere in a manner which suggests that I think of myself as king of grammar when I clearly have no idea who Strunk, White, Fowler or Partridge were. When I do I am sure you will all phone up your mothers so they can come round and suck me off. Thank you.

Good night and have a pleasant tomoro... tommorr... whatever.

-- Sean M. Hall (, November 08, 2002.

That isn't you, is it Mr. Hall?

-- Eric Roughton (, November 08, 2002.

Damn it. I am truly sorry for this. I thought they would leave this board now. I completely destroyed their other board and the suckers admited defeat. They should have left for good. The other board was full of goodbye posts and everything. I even promised to leave it alone myself... "This is my final Ask A Drunk posting. I will NOT miss you. I am glad knowing that I have destroyed this completely." ( msg_id=00AB6y)

STOP IT Mr. Payback, Lynskey, whoever you are. You pathetic fucks. Admit it. I trashed your board. You can never have that much impact here. This is my terretory and everyone's on my side now. Leave us alone. I'm sure you can start a new board of your own. Like I said, I do NOT miss you, but all the same I look forward one day to finding it and destroying it like I did last time. You can't beat me. You can't win. FACE IT.

So. Stop impersenating me. Stop pretending you know more than me. I haven't heard of any of those names but what does it matter? I know my spelling and grammar is fine. Stop being so imature on this board. It was just a bit of fun. I've already won and I'm glad.

To any genuine San Francisco Historians, I apologize for this intrusion. Blame those petty jerks. Hopefully soon they will see it's over (until their next board hits google) and leave us in peace.

Again, good night and have a pleasant tommorow, all fellow San Franciscans. And, go fuck yourselfs, you pompous English assholes.

-- Sean M. Hall (, November 09, 2002.

I did not write this, but kudos to whomever wrote it. It was a great speech. Thanx, anonymous person!!!!

This is a picture of the REAL Sean M. Hall

-- Sean M. Hall (, November 09, 2002.

Somehow I googled myself randomly to this page and was instantly in awe of it. I'm not sure if any of the posts after the first two and the last were the true Sean Hall, but I find it intriguing.

I think I shall (er, will, sorry about that) tune in to see if the saga continues.

carry on!

-- Brooke Flowers (, February 17, 2003.

Try it! Click here!

-- SFHE editor (, February 17, 2003.

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