White's Smokejumper Boots?

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Hello, I have a question about White's Smokejumper boots- which is not related to firefighting. I hope folks don't mind if I post it here. First of all, I was born in St. Ignatius, MT., and am very familiar with the rich history of the Smokejumpers. Here's my question: I hunt extremely rugged country in central & eastern Washington for deer & chukar, and my old boots are finally starting to give out (REI -Redwing manufacture - 1975). These boots were great and will probably be bronzed. In any event, I'm looking for another pair of super rugged boots for off trail use. These old boots were 8" high top full grain leather, lace-to-the-toe, with large agressive vibram soles. I'd like to get similar boots. I'm very interested in the White's Smokejumper boots and was curious as to how others feel about this particular model when used for hunting and general off trail use. I'd like a boot that I can sidehill down the side of a mountain all day long. The only thing I have some concerns about is the weight of the boots. I'd rather try and stay away from super heavy boots, but I really like the look of "stoutness" that these Smokejumper models have.

I would welcome comments about this. Thank you very much.

Cliff Church Seattle,WA

-- Cliff Church (salish@foxinternet.com), November 01, 2002

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