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Whenever I burn my avi files straight from Nero (No TEMPGC or whatever its called....) it always have a great resolution, great quality, but has a jerking to the picture. It moves around every so often and I can't figure out what's wrong...i don't mind it so much...but I'd like to get rid of it... Is there anyway other than encoding it with TEMPEGNC or whatever its called to make it better?

-- Eriol (, November 01, 2002


It's jerky because Nero's built-in MPEG encoder is reading the fields in the wrong order. If there is a way for you to reverse the fields of the AVI file or for Nero to read them in the reverse order or interpolate them correctly or otherwise provide you with tweaks to achieve the same then that may remove the jerkiness. That's what's so wonderful, among other things, about TMPGenc. There are an almost infinite variety of ways for one to treat reading fields in the original input video stream and how to act on what is read.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, November 01, 2002.

...I have the same problem and encoding and burning software,the VCD playback on the dvd player,also jerks,jumps,and jagged,but on the computer...its perfect no problem. So it cant be the CD-R disk itself.

-- Emil Zysk (, December 18, 2002.

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