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I would like to apologise to all the other users of this forum who are doubtless very upset by the html attack you now see.

Sean M. Hall ruined another forum on Lusenet with similar html games after he found himself unpopular there. The code that redirects you to another page on most of the new answers is the code he actually put on the other forum, copied and pasted. No-one who used our forum had admin status, so his posts could not be removed.

We tried every means we could think of to discourage him from abusing our forum, but he did not stop. We were hardly a massive board, but we did have ten or so regulars who enjoyed posting to it and talking to each other. Sean spoiled this for all of us. We have since moved the forum to somewhere where we have moderator status, but in the move we have probably lost three or four regular posters who we were very fond of as they stopped posting a while back as a direct result of Sean's malicious and destructive behaviour.

We are very sorry for damaging this forum, it seems to be a place where people with a genuine interest in a subject are exchanging knowledge and ideas, which is always a good thing. But we could honestly think of no other way to make Sean realise exactly what he was doing. While an internet bulletin board is hardly a life or death matter, spoiling other peoples ability to enjoy such boards with intent is a stupid and irresponsible thing to do. Yes, we have been stupid and irresponsible in attacking your forum in this way, we admit that. But it was the only way we could actually get through to Sean about his own actions.

If you set up another board we will not touch it. We don't ask you to ban Sean or anything like that. Judging from Sean's irate thread below we seem to have accomplished our task. Sean needs to learn that just because he thinks something is unworthy and dumb it does not mean that other people do not value it.

So again, we are very sorry for what we have done, we are very sorry we had to stoop to his level to make our point. But as a board which is about education and the sharing of knowledge you must agree that any attack on that the freedom of information and the right of communication is not acceptable. The internet is an amazing invention allowing the free transfer of thoughts and ideas on a massive amount of topics, and whether it be San Fransisco History or just a bunch of people keeping each other amused, an attack on one part is an attack on it all.


Mr. Payback.

-- Mr. Payback (mr@pay.back), November 01, 2002


Historians, are you going to believe me, your friend who, I'll admit,CAN be annyoing, or a jealous moron with too much time on his hands? Please. It is imperative that you not give in to thier demands. Just ignore them. We aren't going antwhere. I don't know about you, but spelling out Sir Elton's name and reiterating yourselves is rather childish. And moronic. And selfish. The list goes on and on. This is ridiculous.

Good night and have a pleasant tommorow.

-- King Sean M. Hall I (, November 01, 2002.

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