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Ship's greetings

"No way," said Chief Petty Officer Ray Mooney, when told about the image circulating on the Internet. "That's impossible." The photo, shot from high above the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, shows the ship's crew standing on deck in neat formation, wearing white uniforms. Their formation spells out a two-word sentence, the first word of which is an obscenity and the second word is "Iraq." Chief Mooney, who works in public affairs for Naval Air Forces Pacific Fleet, says no commander would allow vulgarity in a "flight-deck spell-out," as such events are called. "The image on the Internet is a hoax," said Cmdr. Jack Papp, Chief Mooney's boss. "It's a doctored version of a legitimate flight-deck spell-out."

The real photo was taken shortly after the Lincoln arrived in the Persian Gulf theater, where the ship and its crew are "on the tip of the spear," Cmdr. Papp said. And the real message the Lincoln's crew spelled out on the flight deck is: "READY NOW."

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002


P.S. The type of plane Sweetie flew can be seen via the four planes about the F-word, the ones with their wings folded.

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

hoax or not, doesn't matter. many americans are in agreement with the message.

one problem, if we go in there, and it gets referred to as a Holy War by Iraq or some other arab nation, all hell will break loose as muslims, arab muslims, in all nations join together against the US.

Any troops on the ground will be slaughtered.

it must not be allowed to be called a holy war.

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

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