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so Ask A Drunk has gone over to now, we're practically alone. us & the "anarchists" & Heath Ledger.

-- unknown or illegal user (, October 31, 2002


does someone wanna give me a stupid racist rant or some html wackiness

-- unknown or illegal user (, October 31, 2002.

come on

-- unknown or illegal user (, October 31, 2002.

angela lynn douglas

I just learned that you discuss me, possibly libelously, in a book called Horsexe. I have been discussed in many books and by media hundreds of times, from 1970 to 1978 my name was Angela keyes Douglas, changed due to theft of my wallet with ID in Berkley. My name of birth is Douglas Carl Czinki. I was born in Detroit, raised in USAF and served in it to 1964, my mother was involved with CIA and DEA. I have been a federal informant since 1972 on all kinds of radicals and criminals, began a sex change in 1969, became a writer, had sex change surgery in 1977, have had over 2000 works published in a wide variety of publications since 1969. I was also a working rock singer and guitarist from 1958 to 1968 in Miami, Tokyo, Oklahoma and Hollywood, acquainteed with Arthur Lee and Love, Frank Zappa, Rick nelson, Henry Mancini, Warren Zevon and Jimi hendrix made his Tv special at my home, also used in the Pter Fonda film The Trip, in which I appeared and did much of the set art on. I had an affair with the angel in Jane Fonda''s barbarella, johnm Phillip Law, in Hawaii in 1968. I am also a published artist and photographer and something of an inventor, and won a Florida lottery in 1991, went into the Corvette restoration business and took a racing Stingray on the Daytona Speedway in 1992. I have survived over 20 assasination attempts since 1970, three arrested, all gay activists, badly wounded eight times. My father was murdered in Maryland in 1970, never solved. I was wed to Cuban born Norma Arcadia Rodriguez 1962 on until she became a lesbian with Joan Black, pregnant, left me in Hollywood in 67, had Joann Michelle Czinki 1968, believed to have become rock star Joan Jett. Black was a grad of class of 61, Yamato High Tokyo, but I did not know her. She tracked me to LA and seduced me and my wife. Punch up "Douglas C. Czinki" and you will find the Yamato website and photos of us in the 61 class yearbook, the Katana. I was in Tokyo 59-61, my mother, Deloris, was famous, had a successful TV show there, got cxountless awards for charity and other work. She was originally a singer guitarist with The Coffey trio in Michigan, among the first to use Gibson electric guitars in the Thirties. About 50 films, TV shows and novels are thefts from my 83 autobiography and Seventies interviews, such as the 99 CBS miniseries SHake, Rattle and Roll, that one basing Lynn on Douglas Czinki as a USAF dependent girl who sings, plays guitar and starts rock bands in the Fifties, and suit is being filed. I sued ABC< MCA, Tri Star and eight producers, directors and writers in federal court, Frisco in 1987, causing cancellation of 12 Tv shows including Miami Vice, all plagiarizing my life story. I do not play games. I request you send copies of the pages of Horsex discussing me for review at once by e-mail or regular mail. If I deem them to be offensive I will request a CIA investigation, have the INS investigate you and possibly ban you form ever entering or working in the US and sue you for every franc you may have, as I am about to do to lesbian pig moron Janice Raymond over "The Transsexual Empire." I have never visited Europe, but had some work published in a Parisian magazine, Arcadie, in 1970. am familiar with France and its entire history. I speak a little French, considerable SPanish, German and Japanese. I live as a man despite the 1977 sex change, began performing again in 1988 in Florida as a man and got standing ovations, compared to Elvis, Stevie Ray Vaughan and even SInatra at clubs near Panama City. I do not go to gay bars and have little contact with them, zero with lesbians, very little with transsexuals since 1980 and openly avoid supporting their cause or any other cause. It is true I founded the Transsexual Action organization in Los Angeles in 1970 and was involved with the gay movement, but broke publicly with the gays in 1972. Based in Miami Beach, the TAO had 1000 members in five nations, and I dissolved it by 1978, it does not exist. Publications I sell by mail include: triple Jeopardy, 83 autobiography, $25, fo reign $30;Hollywood's Obsession, 1992, discussing the film, Tv thefts, much memorabilia about me, $20, foreign $25; Comparative Logic Numerology, $10, foreign $15; TAO Publications, collection of my 1970's Moonshadow and Mirage newsletters, $50, foreign $60. Audiocassettes of songs, $10 each, foreign $15; Life is Too Damn Short, 1997; Live Performances, 1998; Cosmo Alley, 2000; Bambaza, 2000. My voice equals or surpasses those of Jim Morrison, Billy Idol, Elvis. I make no effoort to sound"feminine." I am an accomplished rock guitarist. My best known band was Euphoria, Hollywood 65-67. Members Wesley Watt, Bill Lincoln kept the name after I left it to form one with Zevon. They reeleased "A Gift From Euphjoria" on Capitol Records in 1969, reissued as a CD in 1996. If you like rock music, you must know of the Elektra band Love. I often sang with them and recorded two of my songs with Love members in 1967, the son of Mancini, Chris, got the tape and may still have it. Whatever; I have not yet seen what you said about me, but on-line, people says it is very offensive. If it is, you will regret it, and will pay for any injury caused me by it.My claims are true and verifiable. My full legal name, and sex (female) was changed by 1978 for all ID, including US passport, as Angela Lynn Douglas. You can reach me by mail at 7520 Hwy. 90, Sneads, FL 32460 or on-line at Yoiur work is obscure and I learned of it only in mid October. I am not a feminist and do not read feminist literature at all, and very little gay media. It is of no interest to me.

angela Lynn Douglas

Horsexe is lesbian bullshit libeling transsexual Angela Lynn Douglas.king communist piece of shit and should be gang raped by a bunch of niggers and then fed to dogs. Fuck that lesbian asshole with jane reno's rubber dick! Angela LKynn Douglas, 7520 hwy. 90, SNeads, FL 32460

angela lynn douglas

ANGELA DOUGLAS: born Douglas carl Czinki of Hungarian, german and Scots-Irish descent in Detroit in 1943, raised in the USAF< Czinki completed school in Tokyo and then served in the USAF to 1964, and was also a rock singer guitarist from 1958 to 1968 with bands in Miami,Tokyo,Oklahoma and Hollywood,most notably the 1965-67 Euphoria.two members of it got an LP out on Capitol in 69,reissued as a CD in 96 due to Czinki's fame. Czinki,known as Doug Delain then, was acquainted wqith Arthur Lee, Warren Zevon, Frank Zappa,henry mancini and Jimi hendrix, who made his TV special at his home, The Psycehdelic temple. After his Cuban born wife, Norma Arcadia Rodriguez, pregnant, became a lesbian with a Joan Black and left him in 1967, Czinki began leaving music and ended it at a party for Steppenwolf in hawaii in 1968. The fate of Joann Czinki,born in Hollywood in 1968,is unknoiwn, rumors exist she became rock star Joan Jett. Czinki began a sex change in 1969, became a writer for The LA Free Press and many similar papers,founded the Transsexual Action organization rights group in 1970, based in South Beach from 1972 to 1976,with a thousand members in five nations, and got famous. Gay activists who opposed it tried to kill the transsexual,who became known as Angela keyes Douglas,over 20 timesfrom 1970, and later tried to frame her on attempted bombings at NYU in 1970, the 1980 MGM vegas fire,bombings of a black college in tallahassee in 1999 andmany other crimesand events she had nothing to do with.Czinki had sex change surgery in 1977 in Los Angeles by John Ronald Brown and soon sank into open war with thieves stealing songs,old band names and material from interviews for films, Tv and novels.At least 50 films, TV shows and novels are thefts from Douglas' actual life story,including the 1999 CBS miniseries Shake, rattle and Roll, basing USAF dependent rock and roller "Lynn" on Douglas' youth.By 1981, many of the thieves were having the FBI and private detectives harass Douglas in northern California and she became a shunned pariah, ruined, and homeless,but managed to release songs on cassette in 1981 and 1985 and an autobiobiography in 1983.Ttitles and concepts ofallwere qwuickly stolen,mostly by gays and lesbians.Song titles by Noel gallagher, Angela Winbush, SIouxie And The Banshess, John Hammond. Gay singer guitarist Doug Green and lesbian actress Robyn Douglass desperately began trying to confuse themselves with Douglas in the Eighties as well,claiming nearly identical histories. In 1987, homeless, Douglas managed to sue ABC< MCA and Tri Star in fedewral court in San Francisco, lost, but got numerous TV shows cancelled, including Miami Vice,and later, Twin Peaks, all rip offs. Douglas then thumbed to florida ontrucks in 1988, and in 1991, being harassed by the FBI for Hollywood enemies and Rodriguez, who surfaced in 1991 for a coup de grace on Douglkas through the FBI, miraculosuly won a $232,567 lotterty. Armed to the teeth with guns, using armed bodyguards, Douglas settled in Palm Beach, then ormond Beach (Daytona), bought three Corvettes and took one on the Speedway in 92, a racing Stingray, Many of her enemies fled in terror.One producer committed suicide in 1997.Some companies, agahst,went out of business.Identity thieves, women, began surfacing in 1993, at least six in Florida, including two or more black females claiming to be Douglas.In 1997, more songs released on cassette got national radio play and discussed by media, and in 1998,as a man, Lee Douglas, the transsexual got stanbding ovations as a singer guitarist at a music festival and a roadhouse around Panama City Beach. On May 6, 2000, Mike Pinera of Iron Butterfly videotaped Douglas at a rock concert in panama City discussing imprisoned rock star Arthur lee, an old friend Douglas hopes to get released from prison in California.The transsexual'slegal name is Angela Lynn Douglas, changed after a woman in berkeley stole Douglas' wallet in 1978. Douglas has four selfpublished books available and several cassettes of songs,sold by mail now...and despite the sex change, outsings Billy Idol and Jim Morrison. Information on Douglas on line is under Douglas C. Czinki, Doug Delain,Angela Keyes Douglas and Angela Lynn Douglas. Address: Angela Douglas, 7520 hwy 90, Sneads, FL 32460

-- (, November 10, 2002.

we built a funeral pyre for a chicken today

-- duane (uoiu@000000.), December 26, 2002.

-- duane (d@f.,), January 04, 2003.


-- d (*@#.), January 04, 2003.

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