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Ok I was wondering why FF5 never made it to the Us? Was it because Nintendo did not like the plot. Or was it because they are a bunch of pussys? I think its a good game (although the music does suck in some cases). So does anyone have answers? I have a feeling the only ones who know this are the people who have been here the longest.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2002


I think it's because some jackass didn't acknowledge, at the time, the caliber of FF5. It's a very good game. It has only one BIG flaws as far as I can tell, and that is you can master every job class in the game, but if you go "Bare", you can only equip 2 abilities. "Mime" can equip 3. Okay, I'd RATHER have more, but that would make it too easy, I guess. Other than that, it's good stuff. It's got moogles, chocobos, and more hidden stuff than you may ever find. Not to mention, that Neo X-Death is hard as HELL to kill. I summon Bahamut at least a dozen times, which nails all 4 of his components for around 4000 damage, and that still doesn't do it. He'll just wipe out 2 people with Ultra Gust, or use Grand Cross. Even worse. I'd rather be fighting him with 2 good members, instead of a Zombie, a Rock, someone that will be dead in 15 seconds, and then the jackass that gets off scot-free.

Yes, this is a killer installment. I like it better than 7, Tactics (this game is the reason we HAVE Tactics, IMO), and 10.

Why wasn't it released in the U.S.? Who cares? Go play it, and be happy! That's the gist!

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2002

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