Who is running for the other General offices.

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We have talked a lot about who is running for Bishop but I hope we will discuss those who are also running for General office. The work that they do is very, very important.

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2002


The Committee to elect and the St. John A.M.E. Church would like the AME Church to know that our pastor, the Rev. Melvin Jerome Capers, is a candidate for Executive Director for the Department of Church Growth and Development in 2004. He has a srong compassion for evangelism and church growth and development. He is one who will travel, not just in the United States, but to districts outside of the U.S. He is a great organizer, a great servant, a supporter of new churches and new ministries. We feel that he will do a great job.

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

Thank you for mentioning Rev. Melvin Capers. I am excited about his candidacy and thrilled that he is helping churches now. I spoke to Rev. Capers and he has offered to mentor our new church, he is sharing his many years of experience with our church. His background includes working with churches in rural settings in addition to working with pastors and congregations in an urban setting. These qualities are important to have if we are looking at Church growth in a global context. Rev. Capers expressed his desire to work with Bishops to provide aid to our churches in Africa and to also plant new churches in Africa. It is crucial that we use a partnership and mentor model. The church I pastor is unique for it is rural and multi-ethnic so it is good to have someone who can think outside of the box! Rev. Capers is also using strategies from the book "the Purpose Driven Church". And he feels strongly that church growth and development must also occur outside the U.S. I was impressed that he took the time to discuss with me ways to evangelize and start another church. This is the type of General officer that I want! We need someone who is Passionate about Church growth and is already doing it; and sees our denomination in a positive light. The office of Church growth and development is EXTREMELY important for we need someone who will work in partnership with pastors and communities. I also found out from one of the pastors that is in his district that Rev. Melvin Capers and his church financially help other churches and business in south carolina. Wow! I am going to help Rev. Capers with his campaign and I hope you will support him. Joy in Christ

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

Reverend Melvin Capers is a candidate we all need to support! He has a firm understanding about church growth, service to the Lord and God's creatures in ALL aspects. If the AME Church is to flourish in the 21st Century it will only be with the contributions of brothers and sisters like Reverend Capers. Here's what I mean. In addition to pastoring St Peter AME Church I am the director of a non-profit organization. We have a program to assist low income people in purchasing a home, starting a business and returning to school. The participants save one thousand dollars and we give them a three thousand dollar match. When we started the program we had no where to host it. Sure people knew about it but we know how that goes. Unfortunately for some of us if it doesn't add to our personal glory, impress our Bishop, Presiding Elder and build up our little sand kingdom instead of the kingdom of God. We are not interested. Guess who provided a space for us? Rev. Melvin Capers and the St John AME Church family. Now these is what Jesus meant when he told us to feed the hungry, cloth, the naked, assist those imprisoned (in poverty) etc. Programs and preaching alone doesn't win souls or grow churches the demonstrated love of God does. Praise the Lord for Rev Capers! Let us combine our prayers with our labors to make sure he is elected.

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2002

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