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Hello again, fellow SF historians. This is not a quesion (that's a first for me). I am merely posting a message. First, I want to thank Kurt, Robert, Rosa, Louise, LindaLou, Salty and anyone else who answered any of my questions. You may've noticed I always ask about freeway-related topics. I wouldn't ask these were my uncle alive. He worked on the BART tunnels and knew a lot of that stuff. Instead, now I can ask you people. Second, I will no longer be posting as Sean M. Hall. I was crowned king by my teacher and I thought "King Sean" sounded better. I am not implying that I am superior to you. I still have challenging questions that await you. That's all for now.


-- King Sean M. Hall I (sanfranciscofanclub@groups.msn.com), October 30, 2002


-- Sean M Hall (sean@mhall.com), October 31, 2002.

-- Sean M Hall (sean@mhall.com), October 31, 2002.

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