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how does edgar alan poe reveal his turbulent often depressing life by creating situations depicting loss and sadness in his poems ? and what poems does he interperts his feeling s in ?

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002


Not too intentionally revealing of life details but very revealing of his deeper feelings. If you read a good biography it will improve your understanding of the poems. Some codes will refer to Poe's various losses that he eventually coalesces into his major themes. Usually the strong experience such as the loss of his first love by the interference of her family sets off a string of Byronesque stories and poems.

"The Philosophy of Composition" shows the degree of artful control and personal perhaps inescapable personal preference in his themes. Always remember he is consciously a technical artisan who uses his feelings to create a work. I think today's poets almost go too much the other direction in deconstructing the art from the inspiration. So upon closer study some people feel cheated and call Poe cold, missing the quite separate fire that springs from the artwork itself rather than the biographical revelations.

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2002

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