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Good afteroon, all...or evening, or morning, depending when you read this.

I realize one has the "50 years after death equals Public Domain" situation...but I'm curious if there is an ESTATE which still requests copyright of EAP's works.

******** Bottom line query: Is "The Cask of Amontillado" public domain, or does one need to pay copyrights to use it?

Thank you so much for your replies. Eternally grateful; appreciative Evermore.


-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002


You can't photocopy another compnay's actual printed text or similarly duplicate or lift someone else's web domain(such as the editions at You should be aware of the textual variants, the authority of your copy and the catch there is that should be footnoted and acknowledged. Poe had no heirs, his mother in law's death and his executor passed nothing on. The magazines have long since passed away and the copyright of the original companies have expired.

Beyond that there are others with better info than I have. You owe it to your readers to be accurate unless perhaps you are going to butcher it anyway for some big money film or other.

Other authors long dead are not so fortunate as some companies manage to maintain exclusive rights to the texts through various maneouvers.

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

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