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In light of the eagerness to get the death penalty for the persons accused of being the snipers, what would be God's thoughts concerning this? How do we respond to our congregations concerning the “death penalty”? Is there any stand from the A.M.E. church concerning this issue? Does the Cross-of Christ oppose or support the death penalty?

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002


Dear Aaron, I share your concern for the use of the death penalty in the US. Out of frustration, the Justice Department wants to make that both suspected snipers are convicted and put to death. As far as I know, Jesus never did teach directly regarding the death penalty. Some crimes (such as the sniper slayings) are so horrendous that it is hard not to support the death penalty. God has given us the responsibility to govern ourselves (Genesis 9, Romans 12) in His covenant with Noah it appears to provide support for the death penalty. However we will be judged and held responsible with how we govern ourselves. I don't support the death penalty. The horrendous crimes committed by one such as the snipers, is evidence of a deranged individual and a degraded society that has reached a level such that the death penalty becomes necessary. In other words, the fact that the death penalty becomes "necessary" is a measure of our moral decay and resistance to God's law by not teaching the future generations to believe and obey God.

Be Blessed

Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, December 21, 2002

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