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I have been told I have the human equivalent of hip dysplasia---a birth defect that has started to bother me a lot. I have been making inquiries about the Conserve hip resurfacing implant and I have seen Dr Mont at Rubin Institute in Baltimore Md who says that I am a good candidate for this surgery--I believe the biggest advantage is that I keep a lot of my bone--which several doctors have told me is very good---any more info you all can supply would be greatly appreciated---Janis

-- Janis Dibert (ddibert@louisa.net), October 28, 2002


Depending on your age and degree of arthritis, you may be better off with a pelvic osteotomy which allows you to keep your natural hip and provide permanent pain relief.

-- Marc Hungerford, M.D. (mhunger@jhmi.edu), December 20, 2002.

It would be of great help ifyou can specify your age,activities and the exact problems you are facing.Is there any pain?Is the hip stiff? Do you have any preexisting deformity?Any shortening?Any other joint deformity?Is it single or both hips?THis along with your Xray studies should help you in choosing your procedure.All I can tell you now that hip resurfacing is an excellent option,but there are other avenues also.Best of luck.Dr.Tirthankar Bhattacharya,India

-- Dr.tirthankar Bhattacharya (tirthank@vsnl.net), August 15, 2003.

You should visit this website: http://www.niams.nih.gov/hi/topics/hip/hiprepqa.htm

-- Robert Toussie (Robert Toussie @aol.com), March 15, 2004.

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