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I wrote to my MP because I am so sick of the Halifax lurking in the background of my life and still affecting decisions I make seven years after I handed my keys in.

My MP is taking an active interest in my case and I would urge everyone else who is being chased for a shortfall debt that they believe they do not owe to contact their MP too.

I think they are particularly interested in the mis-selling of MIG policies, which we were made to pay for, but are now told are of no benefit to us. In light of the recent Endowlment Mortgage scandal, this could add extra weight to the unreasonable way these banks and building societies are behaving, and if we ALL made our voices heard, perhaps a line could be drawn within the law, even if it is only a time limit, so we know that in X amount of years we can get on with having a proper life again.

It may seem like extra hassle, but remember the more of us they know about, the more the Government cannot pretend it is not happening.


-- One Angry Mother (, October 28, 2002


There is a link on this site to the Early Day Motion signed by many MP's in support of the shortfall scandal a while ago. It does seem to help to get your MP involved.

-- Too scared to say (, October 29, 2002.

What is an Early Day Motion? I have found mention of it in the newsletters, but the link doesn't work, so can't read the full details.

Is this to do with the six year rule?

Also am I right in thinking that because my debt is now over seven years old, the insurance company are outside of chasing debt from MIG?

Can I also tell Halifax to naff off, even though I have been in correspondence with them and have for all that time been denying the debt?


-- One Angry Mother (, October 30, 2002.

This link works I just tried it.

-- Too scared to say (, October 30, 2002.

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