What will happen to this board when Lusenet will die?

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I like this board. Someone should plan for a migration just in case.

-- so lucky (tabularasa@myself.com), October 27, 2002


Hmm, so it's GUYS that should be moderator,...also, was wondering why you are wearing that Breen suit there Paul. (Just kidding). Actually I thought your idea for the place where we rats could meet in the event of a shipwreck was a good one. We do want to be prepared and all, I mean what about that one time discussion of Lusenet going to close down?.

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), October 28, 2002.

Yeah but since I've never owned a website I'd have to drag you all through 'computer 101', Paul would be a better, or Mat, but thanks for the thought Mark. In fact you'll come to appreciate my decline, er like immediately.

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), October 29, 2002.

Received a message in my email which I am posting. "Hey there Barb,

I wonder if you could pass on a message for me in the thread about the lusenet forum? I noticed my name popping up quite a bit and figured I should say something. The problem (and the reason I haven't shown my face lately) is that lusenet isn't recognizing the host of the ISP I'm currently using, for some reason, and never lets me post! Anyway, if you could pass this message on, I'd be much appreciative.

I'm all for planning for the eventual destruction of lusenet and having a backup in place. There's something nice about the simplicity here, but it's honest-to-god 1994 technology, from what I can tell, and I know there's much better out there. Some might argue that simple is better, but I've seen lusenet do some crazy stuff often enough (my having to pass this message through Barb is a prime example). Anyway, my plan is that we immediately start setting up a secondary, free forum elsewhere, moderated or otherwise. We can use it in addition to this place, or we can let it sit idle while we wait for the death of lusenet, but either way, it'll be there and we'll all know its whereabouts when the time comes. As for moderators, I wouldn't mind being one, time permitting. Mark makes far too much of me (thanks Mark), but I am a devoted fan and figure I'm up to the job. If we have moderators, we ought to pick a system that allows several... I think Paul and Barb would do a great job as well, if not Peter himself for lending questions an official answer.

-Mat" I think it's a good idea personally.

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), October 29, 2002.

What is troll activity?

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), October 29, 2002.

I have another message from Mat that I'm going to post here for him.

Here's something that just occurred to me, and I don't know why I never thought of it earlier...

For years, there's been a usenet newsgroup, alt.tv.aeon-flux, designed especially for the show, but it's gotten little use. On average, there's a new message only once a month or so. It doesn't ever seem to get spammed, which is good. So, it's basically sitting there for the taking! Even if you don't have a program that can access newsgroups, you can reach it on the web by going to google.com, selecting "groups", and typing in "Aeon Flux". Anyone can post to the group through a google account, which is really quick, easy and painless to get. Well, what do you think? If you like the idea, go there and start posting!


-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), November 04, 2002.

Well, I do hope this board never dies because I really do love to come here. The information brought here is diverse and has opened my eyes to other ideas and productions that I never would have heard of. I love the way it's across the states and into different countries and the fact that we are all united through Aeon Flux, (which still amazes me after all this time how good that show was). I think my one of my fav columns is the one Frostbite started, with all the 'first time I saw Aeon Flux' stories in it, it's kind of the heart of the place. Now if only there'd be a movie...

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), November 04, 2002.

Japhet Asher.

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), November 25, 2002.

I've been thinking a little bit about this lately. I may have an answer, but I'd like to clear it with the rest of the forum first.

Given the limitations of the Lusenet system, a move to a better free host seems inevitable. As well, Aeon Flux, while the subject of many a brilliant discussion, is a limited topic name given the eclecticism this forum has grown into.

I propose a new forum, "Film And Animation", combining Mat Rebholz' Art Of Film board with the Peter Chung/Japanimation/Koreanimation emphasis of Aeon Flux. This could be hosted as a subset of nadisrec.com, possibly with two or more moderators (I'd only deal with general maintenance).

The forum would use PHP, and be far more sophisticated than the old board; have a look at phpbb.com.

-- Inu (paul@nadisrec.com), October 27, 2002.

This seems to be less of a contingency plan and more an attempt to take over the helm of this discussion...

-- Starscream (sstarscream@chaosknight.com), October 27, 2002.

Thank you, Starscream! (Especially of course and that should be to say for your excellent hosting of this fine Board, you are a true umpire's umpire, here, as far as I'm condemned.)

I say if it ain't broke don't fix it, here. Somebody start a new one fine they do it all the time I hear but WHY --

I eman, what we're really talking about here is spurning a most-enduring and excellent webhost, are we not? This cannot be about "switching". The more the merrier fine but the less the more lonesome. We do what we WANT TO DO on this enduring Board and for that I can only pledge all the loyalty I got and that's alots I say THANK YOU CHAOS KNIGHT

-- Mars (artian@charter.net), October 27, 2002.

This isn't the first time this question has been asked. Rather than wait and start a new (and redundant) thread, I opted to pitch in with my own proposal.

I'm not given to brand loyalty. Whatever works, works. LUSENET has no search mode, no member list, and crashes all the time. Can you honestly say we're better off here?

-- Inu (paul@nadisrec.com), October 27, 2002.

Me, I say we're better off everywhere!

-- MM (artian@charter.net), October 27, 2002.

But, Paul, my God!! YES let's do what you say; Mat is a stand-up kind of guy and so are you. I just wish I could manage to be in on the action (WTFever it can be) anywhere anytime - but I - look at my sht.

Mat, however, might tell you how unreliable I've been myself for his purposes, due to no fault of his own. I've been on the run for years and have found difficulty even maintianing my presence or my dialogue with this BBS let alone come through for Mat (or Paul, either.)

I'm just cheerleading, here, ya know...?

-- MM (artian@charter.net), October 27, 2002.

YES, memetic melding! !

I like the Lusenet boards, none of that mug shot, icon, signature, trophy, user friendly, looking pretty distraction stuff. Just words, and the odd html dult like myself.

I like how Google.com yields lusenet discussion threads as search results.

-- Sam (janecherrington@paradise.net), October 27, 2002.

Sam, you like being spied on? ;)))

Ehh, I kinda agree with you here. Bells and whistles I don't need. Improved functionality would be nice, though. Like the ability to quote posts, edit posts, see who people are, and communicate through more than e-mail. It's all about networking, baby!

-- Inu (paul@nadisrec.com), October 27, 2002.

Okay, let me "edit" my first post and just say this: in the event of LUSENET's disappearance, I'd be happy to host a discussion on my own site.

Everybody happy now?

-- Inu (paul@nadisrec.com), October 27, 2002.

Goddamn it, Paul, do this thing with Mat Rebholz ANYWAY, ANYWAY. Remember Disrecognized Space? I wasn't even available then but I wish it were available now, don't we all!

Or, DO we?? I DO NOT FKN ' KNOW. HOWEVER: I can't afford a whole shtload of alternative AE/F sites that you hafta PAY TA BE A YAAAA-HOOOOOO or all this other hi-glitz low-maintained - ass BULLSHT. FK THEM ALL

They don't even COME the FK around here either. I LIKE IT

-- MM (artian@charter.net), October 27, 2002.

i like this place a lot better than those bullshit forums with the "experience levels" and icons that take TOO MUCH TIME TO LOAD UP ON MY GODFORSAKEN 28.8 modem

Also, i'm going to have to say that merging with a bunch of other boards wouldn't be that great of an idea...this is a board for people that like AF (not general anime, etc. etc.) to talk about what's on their mind. we came here because we like AF...not because we like general animation and anime

-- yakov grinberg (yakov@griphus.net), October 28, 2002.

I think so to, this should always be the AEON FLUX board, that can account for plenty.

-- Sam (janecherrington@paradise.net.nz), October 28, 2002.

You know what, though - these two guys are totally serious people. Paul's proposing doing something that we are fools not to support. This guy's been around here longer than I have and Mat Rebholz is some straight-up, serious people who does not fk around, both of these guys. (Me, I put the L.A. in LAME compared to either of them, you know.)

Whatever Paul is driving at trying to create for us sounds cool as sht, how can we get something happening here. I mean, just because you can't knock this BBS - does that mean we can't figure something out also and on top of it all too?

You know what I'm saying?

-- MM (artian@charter.net), October 28, 2002.

My apologies to Starscream here; I realize that what I said could be interpreted as wanting my own forum to lord over (hardly; administration's a bitch). Sure, I'd like to help set something up, but I have no intention of "taking over" anything, least of all this board. I'm sorry if it came across that way.

If anyone should be a moderator, it's guys like Mat and Starscream.

Oh, and "experience points"? Yeccch...

-- Inu (paul@nadisrec.com), October 28, 2002.

Actually, I don't have an real interest in Aeon Flux (sorry... I don't have any real interest in animation outside of TFs.) I just do this as a favor for ChaosKnight.

-- Starscream (sstarscream@chaosknight.com), October 28, 2002.

Damn it, Barb!! No shit!! You know what - my shit is for Barb. Barb is the best combination we got here of endurance, politesse, level-headedness, intelligence, wit, restraint, dedication - Barb e. has my vote.

-- MARS (artian@charter.net), October 28, 2002.

=The problem (and the reason I haven't shown my face lately) is that lusenet isn't recognizing the host of the ISP I'm currently using, for some reason, and never lets me post!

I've seen lusenet do some crazy stuff often enough (my having to pass this message through Barb is a prime example).=

That's no accident; you can't post because your IP is identical to one of those that have been banned due to troll activity.

-- Starscream (sstarscream@chaosknight.com), October 29, 2002.

Yeah - WTF is troll activity!!

-- dangerbob (artian@charter.net), October 29, 2002.

Whoa, poor Mat, that has to suck.

-- Sam (janecherrington@paradise.net.nz), October 30, 2002.

I think a very similar question was discussed in the "I love everything" and "I love music" boards here some time ago (I think after greenspun crashed for a while) and they successfully moved to a very similar board style that has search capabilities and allows free member set ups that keep people from posting under your name. Here's a quote:

"Why did the boards move from Greenspun? The Greenspun server was no longer being actively maintained by Phil Greenspun, and was gradually filling up and suffering several-day access outages. Phil Greenspun had let it be known that the server would be allowed to wind down entirely. Many of the other big boards hosted by Greenspun had found out about this and wound themselves down or moved, and it was decided that ILE and ILM should make contingency plans in the event of the Greenspun server. Graham coded an improved version of the Greenspun software and Andrew donated server space for the new boards, and in August 2002 the switch between them was made."

You can read the rest HERE

Their new home is HERE

Check it out, you will see it is very similar to here, and you will notice some other local forums have made the switch too.

-- scott (scottai10@netscape.net), November 06, 2002.

I'll see if I can get a new board set up there...

-- Starscream (sstarscream@chaosknight.com), November 06, 2002.

don't fix what ain't broke

i mean seriously, this is one of the few remaining backalleys of the web. no "realtime integrated messaging and buddylist". no "customizable rich media front end" and most importantly, no spammers or trolls. the big boards are nice and all, but just too much to look at. all the damn buttons, and smilies, and crap. as a web developer and a flux fan, this place fully rules. the people are here, the content is superhigh, so no changes needed. if its going to die we can get a database export from greenspun and then pipe it into a new one (usually pretty much no big deal). until then, i say leave it be.


-- cheshire (cheshire@someserver.com), November 21, 2002.

I hear ya, Cheshire. One thing that would help though is a preview function. You can see if other people are posting at the same time as you are; also, it helps when checking your HTML.

User profiles are also nice, not for flashiness, but just so you know who's who.

This is the definitive Flux board; it's just that, among a lot of us, AF is a bit less talked about than it was back in 2000. And the boards that do focus on AF are a lot less active (the Yahoo club, for instance).

-- Inu (paul@nadisrec.com), November 21, 2002.

I think this is is THE Aeon Flux board, and should remain so. Ecletism is exactly what a Aeon Flux board requires. But the real cool thing here is: we have had Peter Chung writing on the Forum for years! I just read him writing in a thread on November 16th 2002, meaning, last week! That's so cool. I think the board would be better off at the Yahoo Groups. At least I could search all the Peter Chung messages, which are the ones I'm truly interested. Whatever happens, as far as we have a Aeon Flux forum with Peter Chung writing on it, we are extremelly well served. To be able to ask the man what he meant with his puzzles and have him answering in an extensive way! It's been my whole life's dream, to ask the authors of the books I was reading on them.

-- Ricardo Dirani (spharion3@yahoo.com), November 25, 2002.

You can thank Kristine for bringing him out of hiding :-)

Other luminaries on this board: Drew Neumann, Eric Canete, John Lee, Denise Poirier, Mark Mars, Peter Gaffney...

-- Inu (paul@nadisrec.com), November 25, 2002.

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