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Hey y'all!! Happy Daylight Saving's Time!! (Always gotta find something to celebrate!) The critters apparently forgot to turn their clocks back last night; as they were up, beating on the doors for grub, at the normal time this morning. I probably would have been slow in dragging my sorry butt out of bed anyhow: We had the annual Ivan and Polly's Drought Buster Weenie Roast last night. Unc and I worked our usual magic - it rained from Thursday night to Saturday; then misted a bit Saturday night; but we all had a good time anyway! Several of the Aunties were griping about the weather - it was a bit chilly, even though we had the fire and had a propane heater running in the shed as well - reckon maybe we'll move the tables away from the door area next year (duh!) Told them the local farmers had all banded together to bribe us to wait 'til after harvest was over, since we brought on a deluge worthy of Noah last year! Had a good group of folks, though I thought we could have used a bunch more kids - gonna see if I can't round some up for next year, so maybe we can play some games! As a bonus; I got the shed neatened up some (can't have folks looking at my dust-gorillas now, can I?) - only took Pop and I three hours to move stuff, sweep, vacuum and run the floor scrubber. Only one 55 gallon drum of junk thrown away - a record!! I think Pop got himself in the dog house a bit though - he decreed that a weenie-roast menu is supposed to be weenies, chips and s'mores - and nothing else! Some folks actually believed him!! But I made a couple plates of dip, and a couple cake pans of baked beans; and other folks brought potato and pasta salad, cowboy beans, cakes, brownies and cookies; so I don't think anyone went home hungry. Hubs was a bit disappointed - I heard him ask Pop mournfully: "Well, what'm I gonna take in my lunch all week if we don't have any leftovers?!" No wonder he never gripes about having the kinfolk over!

We got everything arranged for Thanksgiving as well - Uncle Wil has secured a building near where he lives (only about 12 miles from us - yea!) I have to work the night before, so will have to figure out how to get the honey rolls made in time that morning...Oh Hubby Dear...! He's such a great guy to pitch in and help - though he is clamoring for his own apron!

Thinking about running up to 2nd cousin twice removed Jim's house this afternoon - the guys didn't get their guitars out last night 'cause they're getting together today to play; I could use to hear some bluegrass music - it gives me energy! I'll go rummage in the pantry and see if I've got anything to put together a couple of pies to take with - maybe pumpkin? - they're easy!

And speaking of pumpkins, Pop brought me home a couple from the "Punkin' Patch" up by Unc's house the other day, to make pies with. I think I'll go for a can today - it's been a while since I made pie from a whole pumpkin, but I haven't forgotten that it takes a while to strain! Sounds like a plan for a couple of days off - maybe in November!

Hubs and I are getting geared up for this coming week - we're going to Small Farm Today's 10th National Small Farm Trade Show and Conference on October 31st to November 2nd. It's over in Columbia, MO - about a 4 hour drive, so we'll have to stay in a motel - Durn! With indoor pool, hot tub and bar - I ain't no fool! Maybe this will make up a bit for September's vacation fiasco! We're especially interested in the seminars on hoophouses, day range poultry (Andy Lee's presenting), beefalo, and rotational multi-specie grazing; but they also have seminars on bees (I'd like to get back in to them) diversified small farms, flowers, herbs, and poultry breeding. Sis made us up some farm "calling cards" with the farm name, and our addy and e-mail on them to pass out - Mine have a plump hen doing some sort of hoochy-kootchy dance on them; Hub's has a tall, skinny rooster looking astonished at an egg - really cute!! (Hubs wanted to know if the picture on my card meant he could call me a fat chick! "Not and live" I replied! I also ordered us some sweatshirts with the farm name on them; and got a ball cap for Hubs (and one for Pop, though he isn't going; he'll stay here and hold down the fort.)

Well, I'd better run - got to run to town and get some laundry washed so I don't have to go nekkid this week! Aunt Shady said she's got a wringer washer I can have; wringer needs some work, but maybe John can figure it out. I can catch enough rain water to do my whites and lights at home, so I wouldn't have to be going to town to do laundry anymore - that'd save me bunches of time! Got an estimate on a cistern - $6,300 - ouch!! Plus we'd need a roof washer (pre filter) and pump and pump filter; plus reconfiguring the guttering and new lines to the house....guess I'd better be adding some coffee cans to those fruit jars in the pantry that I'm using for my savings - gonna take a bit more than what I've got!

You folks all take care this week; hope it finds everyone happy and healthy,

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2002


Eating my lunch before heading out to do yard work. Yesterday was garden work -- got the fence and post out and all the tomato plants out. Seems like I just put all that stuff in! But, they want to plow it up soon, so we all had to get our stuff out. :-(

Mowing, leaves, and brush today. It's not that nice out, about 41*F and cloudy, with a breeze. Brrrr. But, it's gotta be done! I've been waiting for nicer weather. Seems we aren't going to GET any, so I have to go for above freezing and not raining (or snowing)! We've actually only seen a few occasional flakes so far, unlike the 4+ inches that Julie got!

I haven't heard many geese going south this year. Have they not gone yet? Or did they sneak silently by? I heard LOTS and LOTS of them last year. If they haven't gone, maybe that means this winter won't be as horrible as October has been threatening. We have been consistently 10-15* below the "norms". Phooey.

This evening, I am going to my friends' house to see their two new kittens! Yay! LOVE kittens! They already have two (cat-friendly) dogs and a very small house. When we're all milling around it there, it will be a real zoo. Their old cat died earlier this year, so I guess it won't be that different, but then, there's all that kitten energy that will be sproinging about the place. :-D

My dog, Blanca, and my cats have been interacting more. Blanca has been very good, except she tends to rush up to them too suddenly and frightens them. Blanca prudently doesn't go to close to Katrina, who is threatening to take her face off for her. That's all from me. I've finished lunch and I have to get going, since I only have a few hours of daylight left. {sigh}

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2002

Doing yard work here too; I guess I have about given up on the hope of Indian Summer. We never even had a Fall this year. Daytime temps have been in the thirties mostly, no color on the trees, really hopeless. I dont like fall much anyway, cuz I know what's comin, but this really sucks. ...sorry for the whine, but I hate hate hate the cold.

We froze our toes yesterday at the anti-war march, but it was worth it. Had about 10,000 people there, all ages, races, religions. It was beautiful, but eerily deja-vu like. The girls were at their annual October unschoolers bash this weekend (which until this year was always held on our farm), so the whole gang of em (about 20) met us there. We picked up Lotus' boyfriend's mom on the way, met the kids there, so had a big contingent. Made signs, brought our drums. I was never prouder of my offspring, and the wonderful choices they make, and their incredible friends.

Some people from other states have emailed me wondering why all the emotion connected with Paul Wellstone, that they can't imagine feeling so strongly about some politician, so I will try to explain it best I can.

For all the reasons that the word "politician" has come to mean something ugly, Paul Wellstone would not have come close to fitting the definition. He was a unique creature, a public servant in the old sense, a populist, someone who was in the political arena for only one reason: to give voice to those who had none, through the bureaucracy that is government. The fact that he was so loved, even by his political adversaries and opposites, gives testament to his integrity, his kindness, and his effectiveness as a representative of the people who elected him.

The only time Sen Wellstone ever shocked me was when he voted for DOMA. I was heartbroken, mostly because it was so unlike anything he had ever done. I understand it better now, that politics is often a game of compromise which he almost never played to any hurtful extent,and his profuse apologies and explanations had helped to heal that wound.

I met him at the Matthew Shepherd memorial; when he spoke to us, when I looked in his eyes, I was reminded again that this was a man of unusual passion, who cared deeply about all of us, and that is the truth.

I don't know what we will do without him; he was often a lone voice of peace and love in a government gone amuck; I have always been proud to be a Minnesotan, to come from a state with a proud tradition of progressive, caring politics.( I am even proud of the election of Jesse Ventura!) There are other good people who make our laws, who vote from love rather than fear, but none I am aware of who come close to working directly with his constituents on a daily basis, who usually had a kind word for everyone, who never was impressed by power and prestige (he usually ate and talked with the Senate staff instead of in the exclusive Senate dining room), who was such a man of the people.

Wellstone was what a human being should be. Most people never knew he was usually in physical pain, because he was so filled with enthusiasm for living. Anyone who met him could immediately tell he was was well acquainted with the the joy of life, and had found a job where he could happily spend his days doing what he loved best: helping others.

Here are some links to articles to the human side of Paul Wellstone, for those interested.

little fellers

paul, not senator

needs no approval

he listened

These are just a few of the hundreds of articles containing examples from regular folks who were helped by Paul. Maybe they will give you and idea of why he was so loved, and why we are so heartbroken.

In 19 years, I have never seen Lotus cry as she did when we heard the news. She and I had just come out of a costume shop and heard it on the radio in the car. While I was fairly hysterical for about 15 minutes, I was able to drive afterwards, but Lotus continued to sob for a good hour, and she never was much of a cryer.

I have babbled enough. I need to go pick up my kids.

Peace, love and stuff,

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2002

E.M...I was so sorry to hear of Paul Wellstone's death. And the fact that his wife and daughter were with him...how tragic!! To be honest, though, I didn't really know much about him til I'd heard about which senators voted for what concerning the possible Iraq war. He was very brave to stand up for his convictions!!! Today in Bangor, Maine, Al Gore was here for a dedication ceremony. He spent most of the time talking about Paul and praising him. Our governor, Angus King, has high praises for him also. King has a special connection with Minnesota since our two states are the only ones with Independent governors. King loves to tease Jesse Ventura about the fact that Minnesota always gets snow before Maine does!! Anyways...Paul will most certainly be missed!

Speaking of snow...we haven't had any yet! Parts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont have (and extreme southern Maine), but not where I am. Our temps have been running slightly colder than normal (mid-forties during the day) but it's so comfortable to work outside and not sweat to death!! Still t-shirt weather as far as I'm concerned :-)! We have had to fire up the old cookstove early in the morning and at night for a few hours to take the chill off, but then I usually end up opening a window!

Joy...come to think of it, I haven't heard any geese flying overhead this fall either!! I have seen several large flocks of hawks headed south, though. I can't remember right now which variety flocks up and heads south, but I know that Maine is part of the Atlantic flyway for this species. AND...the robins are still here!

The past few weeks have dragged by for Harry and me. My son finally decided to have some blood tests done on my granddaughter because of her hair loss problem and recently she'd been rather pale and tired. They took FOUR vials of blood from this kid!! I wasn't there, but Mike said she never cried out...but the tears were trickling down her cheeks! Guess they tested her for just about everything, but the more serious tests were for anemia and leukemia. It was HELL waiting for the results...but everything was negative except that she is just slightly anemic and the protein count in her blood was a little low. They are seeing a dietician now to set up a diet program that she will eat...since it's so hard to get meat into her. I've managed to get her to eat several types of fish...especially fresh tuna and sardines! She'll have to go back after a few months for another blood test to see how things are going...but we're all breathing a collective sign of relief!!

We butchered our two pigs last weekend. One was 210 lbs. and one was 220 lbs. (live weight). I think maybe next summer we might take a year off from raising pigs. Our pig pen could really use some repairs!! But...come next spring I'll probably change my mind. Hard to think about NOT having fresh pork chops and spareribs! Just today we butchered three of our six turkeys. We'll finish them next weekend.

Whenever we butcher our pigs, we always put the guts and scraps, etc. up in one of the pastures...about 300 ft. from the house. From my kitchen window, I can watch the ravens and crows feeding. Today I watched three adult bald eagle and two juveniles fighting over the scraps. They are soooo majestic and graceful when they soar overhead. Almost everything is cleaned up now, except for some strips of skin (we skin our pigs) and the skulls. Makes me wish we had something else to butcher :-)!!

That's about all the news from here. My favorite program is starting now...National Geographic Explorer...so I gotta go!! Have a great week everyone!!!!!

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2002

Wisconsin Public Radio did quite a lot on Paul Wellstone the last couple of days as well. There was even a call-in show and there were mixed reviews on him, but by and large, as one might expect of public radio, they were mostly positive.

One thing that they mentioned about him that I thought was a telling point as to where his head was as a human being was that in becoming a public servant, he quipped that he had actually gotten a pay raise when he got into office (he had been a teacher). I can't imagine where they'll find anyone to truly replace him. -------

On the homefront, the weather warmed up more than anticipated, and we've lost most the snow for the time being. I was out with the rake, getting up the leaves (and mulching the perennial beds and veggie beds with them) where the snow wasn't, then raking the snow over to where I had raked leaves so that it would melt faster and I could get the other leaves up. I still haven't finished with the pine needles.

I did manage to get the spring bulbs I bought (before I got sick and was optimistic), wonder of wonders. Tete a Tete and Jack Snipe daffodils, Siberian Squill,and Spanish Wood Hyacinths, so it should be very pretty come spring around here.

I've also been wandering around the place, doing this and that (can't keep up the raking, so I leave it for a while and do something else) - - brushing out trees, washing out pots and storing them for the winter, turning compost, mulching tree roots on newly planted ones, and today I went and raided my hoard of cardboard out of the burning shed, and laid it out over an awkward strip of land.

The area is bordered by the driveway on one side, and the yard fence on the other, and winds between shrubs that it is hard to mow under, and over the new septic tank. It is about 50 feet long, and varies from less than 3 feet wide to about 14 wide.

The cardboard is to kill the scruffy grass there. Over top of it will go all manner of compostables in a lasagna bed. I did this last winter and made quite a nice fern bed over some scrabbly land where nothing else would grow -- instead of bare dirt and gravel there, there is now rich and fertile soil covered in green ferns.

The 'soil' is made up from things like guinea pig cage cleanings (lots of shredded aspen), rabbit poop, leaves, grass clippings, horse manure and shavings, old potting soil, sand that I dug out where I wanted to plant shrubs, shredded newspapers, and anything else I could find. By spring, it was growing mushrooms like crazy!, but by early fall, it had all settled down into some very decent 'soil'.

So now I'm about to start on this area. Parts of it will be made into a path with pavers and bark, the rest will be planted in deer resistant perennials so I won't have to try and mow this mess anymore. I'd love to have the drive lined with lavender plants, but that isn't too likely this far north -- instead, I'm going to plant Six Hills Giant Nepeta (catmint), and intersperse it with daffodil bulbs for spring bloom, as well as some yarrow ('Firelands' and 'Paprika', I think), and 'Prairie Night' Monarada. I may move some German Iris there too, since the deer don't seem to like them.

I'd like to back the whole thing up with yellow daylilies inside the fence where the deer can't get them!

I'm also thinking that I could do just a *small* raised bed for kitchen herbs.... yeah, right. Next thing you know, the whole area will be raised beds and a kitchen garden.

I've heard a few geese flying over, but nothing like other years. It is very strange. I haven't heard them flying by night either (you hear a lot working in the barn at night, very quiet). Of course, it is odd to have had the amount of snow we've had already, and there are green leaves still on some of the apple trees, and coloured ones on some of the maples.

It'll be Halloween in just a few days. I had a lot of plans for how to fix up around the house this year and scare the kids good. Doesn't look like its going to happen tho -- just run out of time. Oh well, it's a school night anyway. There may not be many kids out what with the cold weather too. Hope I don't get stuck with leftover candy again this year --

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002

Julie, another tidbit about Paul and money: when the Senate voted themselves a pay raise (which he voted against), he donated the entire raise for the rest of his time in the Senate to his wife's major cause, battered womens' shelters.

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002

Snow on the deck when I got up this morning. Went away pretty quick though. I went to Menards (Building supply store, similar to Home Depot, if anyone is unfamiliar with the name) and got some wood for a shelving project. Ended up with a bunch of other stuff too, that I didn't know I needed. I guess I'll go unload the van and start installing some of it!

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002

Well, my cold has dwindled down to some postnasal drip and an annoying cough. I learned something interesting about cold medications this weekend. I knew that certain brands of cold medicine gave me "restless legs" when I tried to sleep, but I didn't know why. I didn't have that problem last week, but I got a different brand of cough syrup on Saturday and that night I had restless legs..."kicked the crap out of me" was how Keith described it. :) I checked the label and the new cough syrup has pseudoephedrine in it while the other brand didn't. At least I know what to look for now.

My other health-related adventure this weekend was I tried some ear candles. I think that ear candles is a misnomer, flaming ear torches of doom would be a better name! I don't know about you all, but when I hear the word candle I have a vision of a small, controlled flame, but these things shot flames 2 or 3 inches tall! I was laying on the couch while Keith supervised the torching, so of course stupid fluffy cat had to jump up to see what was going on! I didn't notice any improvement in my ears, in fact my right ear feels a little worse. It may be because I panicked and didn't let them burn down as far as the directions said I should have. Silly me, I didn't find having flames shooting out of the side of my head very relaxing. :)

Saturday night was the annual Halloween party. It was a pretty wild affair in years past but we're old and boring now, we just drink beers and watch movies. This year it was "Young Frankenstein" and "Scooby Doo". Sunday was the monthly craft circle and we had two new people show up. Yippee! Even more interesting, one was a guy. He brought along his knitting machine and made 2 baby afghans during the meeting. Sure it was fast, but it seemed like it would get pretty boring after a while, just zipping the shuttle back and forth.

No snow here yet, although it's supposed to get very cold by Thursday. I think the kids are going to have to trick or treat with heavy jackets on.

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002

I just got off the phone with my mom. From the sound of her voice I thought it was grandpa, but it turned out to be bad news of a different sort. One of my childhood friends died this evening. Cathy's birthday was the same day as mine but she was a year older than I am. November 16th would have been her 40th birthday. She had been ill her entire life but this last illness was sudden and her death quite unexpected.

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002

I'm sorry to hear that about your friend, Sherri. Much too young to die! Hugs to you.

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002

Okay, the mattress is still no good. It feels nice to sleep but I wake up in the middle of the night with my eyes hurting, a headache, stomach ache, soreness, and even my hair hurts!! I called Serta and he kept telling me there is nothing on their mattresses. He said no one else has complained then said he wouldn't call the material manufacturer for me because he already did for someone else. Gee, that tells me someone else did have a problem. I'm gonna call back tomorrow and talk to a supervisor. I hate when people treat me like an idiot because they have never had to go through this problem. It's not real, don't you know.

My "outhouse" has three sides and a roof and is looking great. The front with the door is left. I want to put a moon on the door.

Sorry to hear about the deaths and sicknesses everyone.

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002

Gee, Sherri...so sorry about your friend. Whenever anyone we know passes away it's very upsetting, but a childhood friend...wow!! Especially someone who was close to your own age.

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002

I just wanted to say thanks to those of you who sent your kinds words my way; it is greatly appreciated and hugs are returned!

And Sherri, hugs back at ya for the shock of your friends passing. Geez what a week......

And to Denise, I meant to comment earlier that I agree with you about folks not responding when we speak to each other. Its so easy to do, just read and ponder and forget to say anything, when we are on these forums. Which we would never do if we were talking face to face, cuz immediate response would be expected. Guess we should try harder to make this more of a conversation , ya think?

Sheepish, how bout that sniper kid livin in Bellingham, eh? And I heard Seattle had a great turnout for the march too?

Love to all,

Love to all

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002

My condolences to you and your friend's family, Sherri. The loss of people you have known for a lifetime really cuts deep. I hope you feel better soon.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

Sorry about your friend Sherri. That's terrible news. (((Sherri)))

Dee, what do you think is going on with the mattress? I'm gathering that you must be very sensitive to chemicals? Are there certain ones you know bother you? That's a bummer. You are SUPPOSED to feel good and re energized after a night's sleep after all!

EM, I think you are right. I would like to see it more as a conversation. But even in typing this, I am finding it hard to remember what everyone has said so far. Is there a way to look at the thread again without losing what you have started writing?

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

Thanks everybody. I'm sad for Cathy's family, but a part of me is happy as well. Cathy was ill her entire life, I don't think she ever had a day that was pain-free. I'm glad that she's finally at peace.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

I think I just answered my own question. If I click back though before I submit will I lose what I've written?

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

Denise, I click back all the time when I am posting on here. Otherwise I would not be able to remember anything, especially since some of us seem to get so long-winded and blather on about ten different things in one post! (I'll have to work on writing shorter, more frequent posts). I dunno if it makes a difference what kinda computer you have or whatever.

Dee, I don't want to frighten you, but if those nasty chemicals are bothering you like that, I think you are putting yourself at great risk to be sleeping on that mattress.

I know you dont want to hear about other mattress choices now that you have bought one, but there are organic ones out there, or at least low-emission ones. Also there are water beds and air beds. We have two of those Select Comfort mattresses in our house, have had one of em for 15 years, and just love it. Since there is no stuffing inside, there is much less upholstery to worry about.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

Denise...I don't know what kind of a set up you have, but on my keyboard I have a "recent" key that shows me the last 12 sites I've been on. When I'm posting one of my long-winded replies, I just go to that key and click on the original question. I can then scroll down and reread it. Then I just punch my "back" key and it brings me right back to my "essay" :-)!! BUT...sometimes I to resort to paper and pencil and write it down before I type!

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

Marcia's set-up is totally unfamiliar to me, probably because it's webTV. Before clicking the button to reply/post, I just open another window with the thread in it -- i.e., Ctrl+N. Then I click the reply button and I can switch back and forth between the thread and my reply. I can't remember for sure, but I think I lost a few posts using the Back and Forward methods. I also often highlight and copy my post before submitting, just in case the system/Lusenet decides to eat it! If that happens, I can just start over, click and paste, and try it again. And don't worry if you double post. I'll eventually come along and take out the extras.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

Auntie EM and Sherri, you both get great big cyber hugs ((( ))) !!!! Some times life just sucks big time!!! It seems that if the song, Only the Good Die Young, is true at times!!!

The drought is long been over and fall/winter mud season is in full swing, thank goodness for Cabala's big green tall hunting/farm boots!!! Yep, they're no "fashion statement" fer sure, but I can wear them all day, walk on a three mile hike over hill and dale, and no sore footsies and no heel spurs!!!

No Indian Summer here yet either, it's going straight to winter........

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

It's hailing here!!!

Yea, I know about the other mattresses. I'm looking for one that is located close to here. The water and air mattresses still have covers that have been treated. Like the customer service guy said, it's just like buying new clothes. I, of course, can't find the receipt for the stupid thing either. I know I put it someplace so it wouldn't get lost.... Anyway, we're sleeping on the old mattress (good thing we didn't throw it away) until it can get worked out.

Taking extra milk thistle and gluatione to keep clean. It has reached a point with me that a little of some chemicals make me sick all over again. Bet if I get a blood test, my ANA will be 1:320 right now. I got it back to 1:80 once.

Thanks for the concern.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

Well, it'd be a long wait, but can you let the new mattress off-gas for a year? Perhaps in a guest bedroom, where you will open the window as often as possible?

It seems to me that there was something to spray on mattresses to neutralize those chemicals, but maybe my mind is playing tricks on me . . . What about steam cleaning the mattress? Would that help?

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

There is a product called Lock Out by AFM that is made to seal carpets and upholstery. I called the company and she said if it's the outer cover, it will work but not if it is something inside the mattress. I'm positive it's the outside cover.

The manager at Sam's Club said there would be no problem me bringing it back. (I found the receipt also) He, at least, was sympathetic and understanding. One place that has natural mattresses is $450 and up for the mattress alone. The only thing that is bad is that you cannot try it out to see if you would like it before you have it sent out to you. I had my husband lay the smelly one out in Sam's Club, right in the aisle and I tried it out. It was covered in plastic.

I think I'll try the Lock out first. The mattress really is comfortable.

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2002

Just checkin' in (I haven't left!)...barely time to skim this thread; just so busy at work right now...Hi EVERYONE!!!

Earthmama...weird about those folks in B'ham...I went to college there and still have friends there (and we just went camping there 2 weeks ago). I actually haven't had much time to read any news at all! Yes, the marches were big here, according to local sources.

I miss all of you! I'll be back in when I have more than 2 minutes to be online.

Take care. Stay warm. Keep your chins up! Well below freezin' here tonight.


-- Anonymous, October 30, 2002

Happy Halloween to you all!

There! You've all been mooned! {evil grin}

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween / Samhain to all of you too!

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2002

Same back at ya! And good to see at least a glimpse of you, Sheepish!

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween/Samhain to all of you from me too!!!

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween to all!! I've spent most of the day at my granddaughter's school. They got all dressed up in their costumes and marched down to the nursing home (about a mile from the school) and thoroughly entertained the inhabitants there! Then, for the rest of the afternoon the school put on a small fair for the kids, parents and relatives. It was so neat for me to be able to attend my granddaughter's first Halloween celebration at this school where her daddy spent the first eight years of his life attending! I can still remember baking cakes and cookies for the fairs that my son's grades would put on. Anyways...it's so nice to see that continuity will go on for my son and his daughter at the same hometown and school.

Joy...thanks for the "full moon"!! I've been trying to talk my hubby into dressing up into his full moon costume for this Halloween. Who knows....maybe later tonight :-)!!??

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2002

That's really great, Marcia, that you had such a sweet experience at your granddaughter and son's school! What a nice sense of continuity, rare these days.

Last spring Lotus and her boyfriend, Matt, wandered over to the school near here where she attended K-2. They were having their yearly carnival, which we all participated in during those three years back then.

I was surprised but pleased that she went, because when we first moved here last here, she would get a faraway and pained expression on her face whenever we would drive by that school, and become very quiet. Apparently that place still held some painful memories for her. So I was glad that she faced up to her fears of the place and walked right in there.

Actually she rather enjoyed herself, once she buoyed herself with the right attitude. Some good and fun memories came back too, and she was pretty sure she recognized her 1st grade teacher, but not sure enough to ask. I dont notice her being much bothered anymore when we drive past that school, having faced her demons straight on.

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002


-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

I LOVED that E.M.!!! Had me guessing right to the very end :-)!

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

Pardon my shameless bragging (promotion?) but Lotus has a mention on a new site here in MN: LOTUS

Also, since she gets exposure on the internet, we have been getting cd requests from all over the world, especially from radio stations. Today we sent ones off to Athens and Buenos Aires! Much coolness!

(By the way, thank you again, Sherri and Denise, for your kind words on her message board; she is much tickled by it).

Glad you liked it, Marcia! Um, by the way, your husbands's moon costume, eh ? Care to elaborate?

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

E.M....about hubby's "full moon costume". All I'll say is that the only full moon I saw last night (and probably tonight, too!) was Joy's moon on this forum!!!!! 'Nuff said :-)! Now I'm headed over to Lotus's link!

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

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