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ok, i went through all of this forum ctrl-f'ing "eye spy" and i still can't find the answer for this...can someone PLEASE post a listning of what Eye Spy songs correspond to what episode? Thanks!

-- yakov grinberg (yakov@griphus.net), October 26, 2002


Heh, I went and did this for myself ages ago :)

All the tracks that are unmarked were intended for the game, and as such don't correspond to any episode.

Disc 1 1. Intro - music to intro sequence of the series episodes 2. Ultimate AF - excerpt from pilot/mini-movie/whatever 3. Train Station 4. Monican Jam - excerpt from series episode "Thanatophobia" 5. The Torturer 6. Train Cars 7. Breen Lounge Lizard - This thing shows up in a bunch of episodes, in one form or another :) 8. Computera 9. Heroes (Excerpt) - from the LTV short "War" 10. Marche 11. Errors of the Night - from the LTV short "Night" 12. Gravity - from the LTV short "Gravity" 13. Alien Leisure - from the LTV short "Leisure" 14. The Dark Prison 15. Phobia Suite - from the series episode "Thanatophobia" 16. The Dictator's Office 17. Demigods - from the series episode "The Demiurge" 18. Windtunnel 19. Memory Lapse - from the series episode "Reraizure"

Disc 2 1. Choice - from the series episode "The Purge" 2. Clones - from the series episode "A Last Time for Everything" 3. Paradise - from the series episode "Utopia or Deuteronopia" 4. The Tragedy of Flight - from the series episode "Isthmus Crypticus" 5. Underwater Suite - from the series episode "The Habitat" 6. Time Pretzel Paradox - from the series episode "End Sinister" 7. Closure - music to end credits of the series episodes

I might have flubbed one or two of the official episode names... but there's your answer, fishbulb :)

-- Brian Davis (ubik@purdue.edu), November 07, 2002.

Damned thing flubbed up my formatting again. :P

-- Brian Davis (ubik@purdue.edu), November 19, 2002.

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