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In reading posts from Peter and Mark, I found a striking difference between these two friends. Yes, one is a gentleman and the other is bad-mannered. Mark, I don’t deny that you are a genius, (I’ve seen your contributions to Aeon Flux) but I wonder if those statements by you that are now respectably quoted came about just arbritrarily, are they just random “big words” that have won the respect of many. Maybe you should tailor your “habits,” they’re offensive.

-- johnpaulmatthew (guardini@cs.net), October 26, 2002


There is a certain strut to him though..."Black and orange stray cat sittin' on a fence...ain't got enough dough to pay the rent. I'm flat broke but I don't care. I strut right by with my tail in the air! Stray cat strut I'm a ladies cat. I'm a feline Cassanova-hey man that's that. Get a shoe thrown at me from a mean old man. Get my dinner from a garbage can (Mtv). Meow! Yeah....Don't cross my path! I don't bother chasin' mice around. whoa no! Slink down the alley lookin' for a fight. Howling to the moonlight on a hot summer night. Singin' the blues while the lady cats cry...wild stray cat your a real gone guy! I wish I could be as carefree and wild but he's got cat class and he's got cat style". (Stray cat strut; Stray cats)

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), October 26, 2002.

Well thank you for providing very cool pics of him at this recent event, thus proving he's still alive! His image speaketh volumes.

-- Barb e (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), June 05, 2003.

Still, I miss his wayward style and wit. Mark, if your out there, come back and tell us how you liked Animatrix?

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), September 25, 2003.

would sell the product of a dimes worth of matriculated bullshit and give you some things to fuckin talk about you and your delusive sanctities erected on summits of festering injuries reaped to see how shit grows from annealed simulations of your own flanking constructions what to denude what to denude and desiccate your slime with what making choices arbitrarily would like to see you do it view thoughts on seeing how arbitrary it could be to make the decision to approach/verbalize the interpretations of fresh perspectives to this would concede dont you see howdat be dangerboyz

-- johnpaulmatthew (guardini@cs.net), October 26, 2002.

Man, whats with all this Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

-- Sam (janecherrington@paradise.net.nz), October 26, 2002.

So, just because an artist posts on a forum that is partially about him and his work, he's not allowed to be "offensive"? Do we have to like someone as a person before we can appreciate their art?

-- Inu (paul@nadisrec.com), October 26, 2002.

Thank you, Barb! For the record, of course, I am certainly no genius. I don't even know what my IQ is but it's not really up there, you know? And shit, I'm cracking up because come on I have to admit I'm such a asshole I appreciate someone coming on board here to give me a taste of what I come off like to other people, sometimes.


-- Mark Mars (artian@charter.net), October 26, 2002.

Danger, about that gender question...

-- Sam (janecherrington@paradise.net), October 27, 2002.

Gender Question: WHICH ONE??? I mean, WHICH GENDER question!?! YOU people, PEOPLE, HEEEERE, are all well and definitively awAAAAAAAre that I cant' EVEN THINK STRAITJACKET.

Oh but BTW johnpaulmatthew (sans Mark, I take it - what's this some allusion to some "pinochle gospel", here now or WHUD now) - it seems apparent to me upon a bit of reflection that you are attempting, here, to attack myself as an easy target for your own displeasure since Chung is too hard for you. Oh, oh pooh pooh you.


-- DANGERBOY (artian@charter.net), October 27, 2002.

Oh, just , forgeddidddddd.

Oh jeezuz SHEEEp.

-- DANGERBOY (artian@charter.net), October 27, 2002.

think of it this way a)the premises have been, were and do b)set c) what shit some plan try the trial its good actually the contrivance has taken its course not that i could not also achieve results by appealing to senses sensitive to my skills in flattery or whatever believe fuck no just so happens that i seem to agree that is with myself who can always say this as expectation allows no disappointment here you know i just confessed think otherwise sure of course credit ill take it sure ill be your mirror what if part II was a retort to part I generously to me the resilient charm of mark mars

-- III (guardini@cs.net), October 28, 2002.


-- IV (guardini@cs.net), October 28, 2002.

jesus, ive never even watched aeon flux, is it like the bible, how's that anyway, no, im just lying. i mean, come on, im being given something to work with here

-- (guardini@cs.net), October 28, 2002.


Looks like I really fk'd somebody's processes, like, bad time...


-- MM (artian@charter.net), October 28, 2002.

they make it so you cant shake hands when they make your hands shake

-- (guardini@cs.net), October 28, 2002.

"Even Smiling Makes My Face Ache."

-- DANGERBOY (artian@charter.net), October 28, 2002.

i read this sometimes , but have never commented, but i had to recognize that pavement reference "hands shake"

very nice


-- ted (astroteddy@aol.com), October 30, 2002.

silver jews. i know, i know. right.

-- (guardini@cs.net), October 30, 2002.

but what about...........oh nevermind, i mean, sure ted

-- (guardini@cs.net), October 30, 2002.

What it is!/?

-- Sam (janecherrington@paradise.net.nz), October 31, 2002.

You know what?

sure its complete chicken shit of me to ask you if it would 
be just that of 
me to send you emails?  

I was just kidding, seriously. sorry.

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Looks like I really fk'd somebody's processes, like, bad time...



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And THAT, ladies and gerbils is about all I have by way of any correspondence (to my own email address as of yet) from whomever the fk thinks they can even come here and fick with me here tere or everywhere.

It just really pisses me off that I am beginning to upset the kind of people who really want to have it in for _____ . And I will take this opportunity to explain to anyone still reading this rant from the living hell that is my fkn life (approximately) WHY.


Because I am, apparently, going through some sort of emotional maladjustments now that are causing me to interact in such wise with such skew so as to incur the sort of dangerous stalking internet traffic that will get myself killed. I didn't use to do this. I've been a bad maniac on the board but it has never come to this kind of sht for me yet until now.

I just want everyone to know that I think I am losing my

-- Mark Mars (artianist@aol.com), November 01, 2002.

i've had opportunities to think about just whats being done here and i have just that to offer

-- for yous from yous for yous (guardini@cs.net), November 03, 2002.

Having known Mark for so many years, it's hard for me to comprehend what it must be like for anyone to experience him without meeting him.

So I'm posting these shots of him, with his permission. #2 is a freeze frame from a student film, the rest are shots I've taken of him.

1, 2, 3.

If you can somehow imagine a cross between David Bowie, Johnny Rotten, Lenny Bruce, and Diamanda Galas you're at least getting warm.

Then there's this shot of Mark, making the scene at one of the Animatrix screenings here in Hollywood.

-- Greg Ercolano (erco@3dsite.com), June 05, 2003.

Mark and Peter are strange critters each in thier own right. Chung appears polite and benevolent and Mark appears rude, crude and socially unacceptable but I assure you I have seen the opposite displayed in the behavior of both. Mark is often a crusty critter who I feel at times should be locked in a small cage and poked with sticks. He came to our house once and I had to promise my live in lady that he would never be allowed back. He likes to sleep in his leather jacket and drink warm, falt beer for breakfast. His voice is very loud and can be heard over the cacophony of any large gathering usually making some ridiculous pronouncement that often appears deep and insightful evoking the possibility of creative genius but usually folding under investigation. He is a bad habit I will (alas) probably always have and definately an original. If he could just stop asking me for five bucks every time I see him and return my damn firewire and pay off what he owes me I would be able to write a more favorable report.

-- Peter Haskell (haskellpeter_@hotmail.com), August 25, 2003.

Sounds like a fun guy to take to parties!

-- skye (skyknyt@aol.com), August 25, 2003.

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