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I'd like to pick up photography with a tight budget. I'm hoping not to exceed $500 and yet able to get a reasonably good package to experiment with. Quite a challenge huh ... With that problem comes quite a few questions. Are there cheap SLRs on retail? I did hear about the F55 from some other thread in this forum which is small, sleek and inexpensive. Any other suggestions or recommendations? Should I get second-hand? After all it does save more money despite a void warranty. If so, what's the safest method to get one besides dragging someone who's already into photography to examine the camera for me? I'm facinated by wide-angle photography, but I know they tend to cost a bomb, or two. Any cheaper alternatives (second-hand, cheaper brands)? How much would I need to pay for a reasonable tripod? Again should I get second-hand since there's less risk of fungi or malfunction after prolonged use?

If you could just answer some of the questions, I'll be greatful. Thanks!


-- Reeve (, October 23, 2002


Hi Reeve,

I don't really know what the price is like, but if you can get an F55 for $500 with a lens (28-80 zoom), you've got an excellent starter kit. Other option would be the latest Canon EOS 66, (I think). Both cameras offer full auto and manual modes, plus some handy "pre-set" modes for the beginer.

Personally, I think one should start with a manual camera. That way you can really appreciate the process that goes into making a picture. Most of the gear I have are second hand, the only camera I ever bought new was my first SLR, a Pentax P30t. I still have it and it works great. It has full AE, shutter and apperture priority modes, or you can set it to manual. Focusing is only in manual and you have to wind the film advance yourself. Only draw back of this camera is that you need batteries to run the camera. i.e. no batteries and your camera becomes a paperweight.

hope this helps.


-- PM (, December 07, 2002.

I dun think F55 is a good idea to start at 500?..maybe a Nikon FE2, FM2, FM, F601, F801, F60,..might be a better choice within 500 range in the used me..maybe can assist u alittle!.

-- Nick (, December 11, 2002.

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