Dual Federal Parliament Broadcasts through Digital Network

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Regarding the new digital broadcasting system and network [DVB-T] which aunty has in place. It would be a very valuable addition to include dual federal parliament via 2 SD [standard definition channels]. Especially for regional folk who do not have access to Newsradio and broadband internet. Currently ABC tx the main service, Kids [6am-6pm], Fly [6pm-6am] and Dig radio. It is technically possible to tx both houses plus main service and kids+Fly without PQ problems. Also because of the nature of parliament session ie limited number of hours. ABC could continue to meet its mandatory annual HD broadcast hours There would be a great benefit for current and future generations to undertake this as it is part of the democratic process to allow all including those in regional areas to have access to parliament broadcasts. The technology allows for it to happen. All the country will have to change to the new digital service eventually. By having it attached to ABC it is far more economic and practical solution. Although I believe the service should be admin/maintained by the Department of Parliamentary Reporting. I would like to have some feedback regarding this issue/new service

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2002

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