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Hey. This is an easy one (maybe). As you may know, I've lived in the Sunnyside all my life. One thing I hear a lot is how Monterey Blvd used to have 7 gas stations. Now, there are none. I only remember one: the one on the corner of Ridgewood (or as Kurt pointed out, Hamburg) and Monterey (or as Robert pointed out, Sunnyside). Where were the others?

Thanx. By the way, where did the East end of Monterey (or Sunnyside) end? I know one end is in St. Francis Wood...

-- Sean M. Hall (, October 22, 2002



Here's a list from my database:

Monterey Service Station 1933 Monterey Blvd (*Sunnyside) 2 Monterey Mohawk 1960 Monterey Blvd (*Sunnyside) 198 Monterey Arco 1982 Monterey Blvd (*Sunnyside) 300 Hall Harry Auto Repair 1933 Monterey Blvd (*Sunnyside) 501 Monterey Olympic 1982 Monterey Blvd (*Sunnyside) 501 Monterey Wilshire 1960 Monterey Blvd (*Sunnyside) 501 Molinari Antonio Garage 1933 Monterey Blvd (*Sunnyside) 590 Monterey SS 1960 Monterey Blvd (*Sunnyside) 600 Roland's Mobil 1960 Monterey Blvd (*Sunnyside) 685 Monterey Mobil 1982 Monterey Blvd (*Sunnyside) 699 Monterey Chevron 1982 Monterey Blvd (*Sunnyside) 789 Mal's Texaco 1960 Monterey Blvd (*Sunnyside) 798

Monterey(*Sunnyside) went from Circular Avenue to St Francis Wooods.

Good luck in your research.


-- Kurt Iversen (, October 23, 2002.

From what I've gathered, there was one on Congo and Monterey (which?) 2 on Ridgewood and Monterey (one of which was a Chevron, the only one I remember. What was the other one?), one on Edna and Monterey (which?). By the way, have you seen Monterey lately? It has palm trees with shrubs and such. It's really nice.

That's all from the persistent cuss...

Where did you learn all this stuff anyway Kurt???

-- Sean M. Hall (, October 25, 2002.

So what you're saying is that Sunnyside ended in the same place as the Freeway exit? And they made an extension to Diamond? When was the name changed? I like Sunnyside better. It must be nice to know almost everthing about SF history. I wish I were that smart...

-- Sean M. Hall (, October 26, 2002.

Wasn't that place below where monterey ends also known as the "bernal cut", or was that just the extension from San Jose Ave. to day st. or whatever?

damn, they made good milkshakes at that creamery on Diamond where the bart station sits now...

-- salty (, October 28, 2002.

Slow down, Salty. If you would, tell me what that place where the BART station is now was like back then.

Thanx. Monterey (Sunnyside) ends where the Bernal Cut begins.

I assume the Sunnyside area got it's name from the avenue.

-- Sean M. Hall (, October 28, 2002.

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-- Sean M Hall (sean@wow.i'mace), October 31, 2002.

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