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I want to think I saw an announcement in a railfan periodical of some sort that there has been recently, or will be shortly, an article on the Atlantic and Western RR. It is a shortline having a connection to the old SAL mainline in Sanford, NC. I would be grateful for any details if indeed such an article does, or will, exist. If not, does anyone know of any articles or books at all conerning A&W?

On another topic, I would like to thank all those of our society who work so hard to produce "Lines South". It is an excellent periodical. In fact, no superlative is too good.

-- Ed Faggart (, October 21, 2002


Ed, the Third Quarter 2002 issue of Lines South had an item in the "Recent Publications" column about the A&W article, which appeared in the Vol. 66 No. 4 2001 issue of National Railway Bulletin (publication of the NRHS). Hope this helps - and thanks for the very kind words about Lines South, the great support we get from members like you makes it all possible.


-- Larry Goolsby (, October 21, 2002.

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