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Hello, SF history enthusiasts, My name is Alan Skyelin and I am a poster to another Lusenet board called Ask A Drunk. Over the last three weeks one of your regulars, Sean M Hall, began posting on AAD. He has not made a good impression so far, although we did have a short email correspondance, and has responded by assuming many false email addresses and names in an attempt to bolster his own credibility. This is fair enough, at AAD we expect a bit of silliness from time to time. Over the last few days, however, his tone has got more aggressive and spiteful. After much trace routing and other high jinx we have evidence that he is responsible for the thread on this board that bounces you to another site. He has also done the same to a thread on Ask A Drunk. Further to that he has also got into the habit of posting peoples personal details on the forum (including addresses and phone numbers), which is unmoderated meaning they cannot be deleted. What will be of most interest to the people who view this board is this private email I recieved shortly before our correspondence ended.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Sean M. Hall" To: "John Zwinck" Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 11:00 AM Subject: Re: What's so Hot about Frisco?

>No I don't think SF is a cool place. I was just saying it's where I live OK?>>I like asking people like Kurt Iverson really hard stuff and seeing what he says>>Once he called me a "persistant cuss" ! ! ! !>I din't know about until ask a drunk until recently. Whats the score then?


Sorry about the formatting there! If you can, in any way, please discourage Mr. Hall from posting on Lusenet. These sort of people ruin the fun for everyone else. Alan Skyelin

-- Lynskey (, October 21, 2002


Lynskey, let it go. You know that wasn't me!! I like the people here. Why are you ruining a learning place? These sort of people ruin the fun for everyone else. You couldn't be more correct about yourself. So, Louise, Kurt, Rosa and anyone else, have I not given you information? You've given it to me. So please, listen not to this moron who doesn't know the difference between "got" and "gotten".

I would never give out phone numbers on the internet. That's for idiots who want to get arrested for identity theft and invasion of privacy.

Good night and have a pleasant tommorow.

-- Sean M. Hall (, October 21, 2002.

You go, gir -- uh, Sean.

-- Rosa (, October 22, 2002.

Rosa, you were 1 letter away from me hating you. But you caught yourself in time and I don't hate you. Thanx!

-- Sean M. Hall (, October 25, 2002.

i have recently devleoped a way of telling if someone is funny by three sentences they have written. so, what im wondering is, am i funny? by the way, my name doesnt count.cos this really is my name. dont worry, im not thinking about a lawsuit. im thinking about cheese. yes, so id really preciate it if one or many people came up with some sort of funny test. i anticipate questions to which humourus or unhumourus aswers must be given. and u lot remind me of rhebus monkeys.

-- Scott M. Hall (ivecrashedtheserver@hotm, October 30, 2002


真 真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真真, October 30, 2002.

-- sameasabove ( , October 30, 2002.

It is an interesting fact that Scott Hall is my uncle.

-- King Sean M. Hall I (sanfranciscofanclub@g, October 30, 2002.

-- Sean M Hall (sean@cock.fuck), October 31, 2002.

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