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-- UNKOWN (killer751@EXCITE.COM), October 21, 2002


easy way to get the idea of how they work...... get a 4x4 sheet of plywood, a tarp, a shop vac and tools to cut and glue with

cut the plywood in to a 4ft circle, and cut a hole in the center of the board 6 to 8 inches or so. cut the bottom off of the shop vac and reroute the exhaust fan hose to the inside so it blows into the hole or you could probably rewire the fan to blow the other way. anyways... set the plywood disk on top the tarp, get some glue or really strong tape and tape and some scissors, cut the tarp and tape/glue it down to the board on the top flip it over and cut a series of 1" holes out of the bottom of the tarp and turn it back over and try it out, keep adding holes untill you get the proper amount of lift. this method will send you around a linoleum floor (like the floor in a schools' gym or hallways) like a mad man, well, mine did. only flaw is that its A/C powered and can only go as far as your cord.. thats a quick overview of it, i used to have a write up but that is gone.

-- you dont need my name (, December 16, 2002.

hey i have a suggestion. i am making a hover craft now for extra credit for my high school physics class. if you use a leaf blower, you don't need to have it plugged in. i am still thinking about a way i could attach a fan of some kind of something to push me forward. chris

-- chris b (, November 29, 2003.

Yo Try a large model airplne motor. it might work for thrust. LOOK good plans. try a leafblower pointing back 4 thrust. I too am making a hovercraft so please reply

-- Matt B (, March 14, 2005.

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