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I got to pay 29.21 pounds to NTL. I paid 4.21 pounds to Ntl via internet. I asked them to confirm if they recieved. They did it. I am going to pay the rest of my bill to NTL via Internet, but now I got your letter and also a letter from your soliciters. Please let me know where I got to pay the rest of the bill (25 pounds ) to you or NTL.

Thank you M Talebzadeh

-- Mohsen Talebzadeh (, October 21, 2002


This site deals with repossession of homes rather than regular debts.

If you've got a letter from NTL's solicitors, then send the payment to them using Recorded Delivery and write to NTL and advise them that payment has been made.

-- pendle (, October 21, 2002.

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