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I have an ORION 2000, it play cdr's and i have heard it can play vcd's but i'm not sure how to do this it is from the same company that brought out Mitsubishi.

Please can anybody help me i have tryed many hack but i can't seem to get them to work!


-- mike (, October 21, 2002


Check the DVD player compatibility list at to see what it says about your player. Some don't support burnable media. I've even heard of a few Toshiba models that didn't support VCD at all, whether on commercial on burnable media.

-- root (, October 21, 2002.

i have and it said it does, i have thoug about looking to update my firmware.

does anybody know of a hack?

thanks for your input

-- mike (, October 21, 2002.

Try using a CD-RW, my old DVD player played VCD's that were burned to CD-RW, but wouldn't work with a CR-R, give it a try, its worth it if it works.

-- (, October 21, 2002.

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