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This week as I was working on the service the Lord said he wanted us to have a revival meeting instead of our regular service on Sunday. Wow!! that will be great. Before we started I told the congregation that in order to go out and spread the good news and evangelize. We need to revive our souls. I also told them that something powerful always happens in a revival meeting when we are centered on God, and be prepared for the unexpected. We prayed, sang and committed ourselves to our new church mission statement, there was anointing with oil, prayers for the sick and we could all feel the movement of the holy spirit the Altar Call was moving and we were all in tears as a young mother gave her life to Christ, then in the middle of the service a man came in and sat down, he was smiling, no one knew him, he was obviously moved by the song I was singing. He too wanted the anointing of oil and he did receive it. Dancers came into the space we were meeting in and drummers came in also and began playing along with the music. God was definitely in the room. We did not know any of these people. The man who had come in the middle of the service. Hugged me at the end. he did not speak english. He was a musician from Bali! And the rest of the people were also from Bali. They had performed in my town last night. They were Christians and they felt moved by the spirit to join us. Though they could not speak our language the movement of the Holy spirit united us! Wow! The power of God is amazing. One last thing in our mission statement we feel called to go to the unchurched and those who are impaired. We found out today there is a man in another town who wants to go to church but he has MS and cannot walk. Our service is on the second floor. And we have all made a committment that we will figure out a way so that he can come to our church. Even if we have to carry him up the stairs. We truly had a revival, please share with me some of the things that have happened at revivals you have attended.

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2002

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