looking for a place to stay in Toronto Nov 1,2,3

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I am a Doula praticing in the Pembroke area. I am going to a conference in early November (1,2,3) and need a place to stay. I am hoping there is a Doula out there that can help me out. I will only need a bed or couch to crash on. I plan to eat out in the evening. The conference is right downtown, so a location close to this area would be the best. Thanks for your consideration. My telephone number is (613) 756-2961 if you want to contact me.

-- Tammy Lewis (birthmatters@eudoramail.com), October 20, 2002


sorry tghis is a litle late. but if you need a place to stay this in the future give me a call

Scarlett 416-785-3621

ps i live in down town toronto

-- Scarlett Damen (scarlett_damen@hotmail.com), September 16, 2003.

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