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What atmosphere and mood are established at the very beginning of the poem?from the few, but effective, details given, picture to yourself the room that is the setting for the poem "The Raven".

What in the raven's manner makes the poem unusually weird and depressing? quhat do you think the raven symbolizes?

Eu preciso urgentemente dessas respostas. Um abrašo Rosane

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2002


Dear Rosane, I think Poe's own retro-analysis (in his "Philosophy of Composition", very easily available, even on the web, e.g. at www.eapoe.org) the best start for your approach and reflection. A really well-done essay, though involving some traps, and a somewhat mystifying frame intended to confer more immediate interest for its initial public (of a successful popular broadly circulating literary monthly magazine). Good luck. Yours sincerely, Raven's Shade (Belgium).

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2002

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