possible move to Lihue, Hawaii

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My family an I are looking at a possible relocation to Hawaii with my husbands job. I am curious about my childrens adjustment in the different cultures. How are they accepted by other children of that area? I am also concerned about the cost of living, I have heard it is very expensive to live there, however my husbands company does compensate with a cost of living expense. Does anyone know anything about the area of Lihue??? Good, bad or indifferent??? Thanks.... thesampsons06@hotmail.com

-- Tammy Sampson (thesampsons06@hotmail.com), October 19, 2002


Lucky you, at least he has a job. I'm moving over without one, taking my 12 year old daughter and dog. My home will be paid for though so I won't have a mortgage. I'm hoping to sell Mary Kay for the first time.

What does your husband do?

-- Charmaine Madde (charm.madden@mannpacking.com), February 20, 2003.

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