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I teach to read Al Quran since 1999-now.But Until now i get nothing to eat, study etc. Because i teach lillahita'ala.Now.....I verry and verry need money to live and to study. If you want to help me, I am be happy and insyaAllah you get money verry much from Allah,Amiin..... I teach in Al Quran Education For Children. We are pleasure to inform about Al Quran Education For Children Al Quran Education For Children which has actually existed since 1999 – was officially declared at 16 June 2000 by the Minister as Mosque with the legal base. That the effort of empowering people and eliminating poverty must be done comprehensively and continuously, otherwise the social cost will be too high.

COMMITMENT ¨ Proffesional ¨ Independent and autonomous ¨ Trustworthy

VISION & MISSION Vision: to become the activator of the people’s independence program toward building read Al Quran seriously. Mission: 1. To arrange and perform the people’s can read Al Quran integrally and comprehensively. 2. To build and develop the Islamic People.

PROGRAMS Al Quran Education for Children has 2 programs: 1. Al Barqy, can read Al Quran very fast. 2. Iqra’, classical for read Al Quran Children.

EXPERIENCES The experiences of Al Quran Education For Children from 1999-2002: 1. Have been graduated 25 student and can read Al Quran. 2. Have many books Al Quran.

NETWORK Baabul Jannah Mosque.

Al Quran Education For Children Manggis 9 Street Leles Condongcatur Depok Sleman Yogyakarta,55823 INDONESIA Phone : 0815 403 7861 Email : trish_udy@yahoo.com

If You want to help me please transfer to:Dwi Wahyudi BANK BRI Unit 0983 Demangan No. Rek.0983-01-010094-53-0


-- Dwi Wahyudi (trish_udy@yahoo.com), October 19, 2002



I feel sad, and iwant to help you please check your saving in bank. Iam sorry because litle money but ihope can help you. thank's Wassalam

-- ahmad syarif (bmmlls@telkom.net), October 19, 2002.

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