Further warning signs of ABC privatisation under GATS

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An article in the UK Observer (Sunday 13 Oct 2002) by Nick Mathiason ( http://www.observer.co.uk/business/story/0,6903,810770,00.html ) says, regarding demands on the UK made through the World Trade Organisation, "Other demands include the removal of distinctions between postal and courier services and **calls for Britain to end subsidies to broadcasting organisations. This could have massive implications for the BBC**" [my **]. This is according to a report from the UK government - the horse's mouth.

Whatever is demanded of the UK will INEVITABLY also happen here. We cannot expect the commercial mainstream to make a song and dance about this - they'll be too busy lining up for the spoils. If ever there was a time for OUR ABC to take a stand, THIS IS IT!

I am tired of hearing the old line that the ABC must be seen to present both sides of every argument. Why? Does the commercial media argue the case for the preservation of the ABC? There is a plethora of other media out there only too happy to spout the pro-market line, and it is disingenous to expect the ABC to always offer balance when its actual survival is threatened.

It's time for Aunty to throw off her politically correct "balance" here, and campaign as stridently and passionately as it can, against the ramifications of the GATS trojan horse being pushed up to our door. Not only public broadcasting, but public health services, state education, libraries - hell, the very idea of "Public" anything - is at real risk of being destroyed against the will of the vast majority of the population. What price democracy, guys??

Tony Troughton-Smith Perth WA

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2002


They will eventually sell our Aunty unless we can organize a massive and intense campaign to save her. Friends? Shareholders? Or stakeholders? If Aunty is sold to private interests, then she will be just another slave of the powers-that-be. That would be a tragedy for the people of Australia.

-- Anonymous, October 17, 2002

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