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right. i am totally new to the whole VCD stuff. i encountered a VCD last year when on holiday for the 1st time. a movie on a normal CD whihc you can burn good can you get? well down to business, please dont let my lack of experience put you off from helping me mate, coz well i need it

what i need really, is a full tutorial of what i need and how to write it onto a CD. what i would apretiate is a link or someone running through it for me. i understand it would be a mission to write it all, but ill be apretiative chears

-- Alec Barrett (, October 15, 2002


People have already written the tutorials you need. Go to web sites like and for starters. A web search could list others.

-- Root (, October 15, 2002.

o right, chears matey :D al

-- Alec Barrett (, October 15, 2002.

are you a pirate?

-- (.@...), October 15, 2002.

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