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I am new to dcc and have several old ho trains and would like to know if I can use DCC and how I can install a decoder in them. Are there any books on how to install decoders and where to find them.

Thank you

-- Harold Allen (, October 14, 2002


Hi Harold.

You certainly can use DCC with Your older locos. I run 40 Year old Märklin engines on Zimo DCC. Like with anything in life, there are good systems and there are better systems. It depends on what features You want and how much You are willing/capable to spend. To install and set-up DCC decoders You shouldn't need a book. A good product comes with all the explanations You need! Have a look at Zimo at , one of the best systems there is. If You'd like, You can download a manual on the installation and set-up procedures of their decoders, free of charge, direct from the manufacturer here: BTW, they just introduced an economy starter set that's about 30% less then the current set!

Godd luck! Art

-- Art Luescher (, October 27, 2002.

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