Edgar Allan Poe

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How has Edgar Allan Poe played a role in our changing society?

What influenced Edgar Allan Poe's writing and the times in which he lived.

Influence of Edgar Allan Poe on the society or the efectivness of his message about the individuals role in society

I also need a piece of his Early poetry, Transitional Poetry and later poetry.b Thanx!

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2002


Aside from pat answers these overly profound questions presuppose some broader knowledge of Poe first, such as in a good biography. For some of what you seek and excellent articles and bibliography go towww.eapoe.org.

Early poetry(how early?) To Helen is a good start, slighlty reworked as he got older. You can note the variations. Maybe someone can more authoritatively define what is meant by transitional, maybe his poems during and just after West Point Academy where he published his first chapbook of serious poems. His good ones he reworked extensively as he got older. Then of course The Raven masterpiece and his later great poems ending with Annabel Lee. Being apart form his ideal(love) might be a theme you could look for in choosing. Many poems have other themes.

Intensely a man engaged with the literary vocation and scene as a critical and innovative and oringially American influence. His own essays can highlight that.

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2002

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-- Anonymous, October 07, 2003

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