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can u please please help. CAN U ANALYSE THE WHOLE OF THE BLACK CAT please can u help me out tonight !!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2002


It's all about revenge the cat get's revenge on his owner

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2002


-- Anonymous, November 08, 2002

these themes shud help u out: superstition/supernatural powers which lead to his perverse attitude and to killing his wife. his mad mind reverses the order of which a normal beings wud work, we sumthing hates him he wants it to like him yet wen that something begins to like him he begins to really hate it. hence the murder yet, he only begins to have such an attitude when the black cat comes into the story. we know that he had led a perfectly normal life before hand so some how he must of got these attitudes to life from sumwhere. the only reasonable explanation is from alcohol which i tells us was a situation in his life. yet others agree with me that supernatural powers from the "black cat" bring him to murder and lead him to other dreadfull things. this is only my point of view but it is backed up well. as long as u can do that u can say what u like

-- Anonymous, November 10, 2002

I would add that with alcholism, the alcholic sometimes tends to blame other things for his/her misfortunes. Surely, the black cat was a nuisance and did seemingly have some supernatural hold over its owner, however the owner's temper was probably caused by the alchohol and the madness that comes with such an addiction. The cat represents the darkness of the disease, and the inability to completely rid himself of the addiction (a black cat came back, just like his drinking came back)

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2004

Ok. Al of ur answers r good. I know u might not wanna take it from an 8th grader but ill try. There r 3 things that could have led to his killing his wife; The Cat, Insantiy, and Alcohol. 1) As for the cat, it is superstition. The cats name is Pluto, which in roman, greek is the god of the underworld. In the story, the wife is not superstitious but he is. He refers to 'demons' and other such things like the most merciful and horrible god. As for the superstiotion, black cats represent witches or evil. 2) The man grew up with animals so you'd think that he would still love them. As it says in the second paragraph that his kind heartedness led to him to become more cold hearted and in the 6 paragraph it says that his temperament grew. Bsically he had a messed up mind and released his anger upon others. 3) I dont think that this is it but the consumption of alcohol could hve driven him to that state of insanity nd caused him to do waht he did, cutting out the cats eye. This prbly isnt helping but i had fun writing down my opinions.

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2004

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