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During this time of trial and tribulation it is good to know the power of God. Tonight I pray for the victims of this sniper along Maryland -Virginia line and all of their families. This has been a troubling week for many. Your President appears .... bent on taking the country to war (which will see the potential for families to loose loved ones). I pray that in the midst of this that God will bless you all.

Whether you are in America or in any other part of the world. May he comfort you and protect you. May he bless all of my Brothers and Sisters in the Second Episcopal District to go to Church tomorrow regardless of this sniper. May he bless every preacher with an uplifting word tomorrow. May he bring comfort to those who have lost loved ones.

May his peace be with you and blessings surround you tomorrow and may you leave your house of prayer fortified to serve.

Grace Mercy and Peace

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2002


God heard your prayers and answered them! God will provided strength and wisdom during this period of crisis and confusion. God's love is stronger than the evil of the demonic. Thank you for praying for us and standing in the gap. Stay strong and be encouraged. Peace.

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2002

Thank you brother Brangman,

I have also been praying about that sniper in the DC, Maryland, and Northern Va. area. It's obvious that he is under the influence of the enemy. I have prayed that he falls under the conviction of the Holy Spirit in regards to his wicked actions. I don't know why God is allowing these things to happen but I know that the people of God need to get involved in this spiritual warfare by praying. I also know that this sniper is an instrument of the enemy and I pray that he will stop his evil because the wrath of God is worse than anything that the enemy can throw at you. It is very reassuring to me that the enemy himself trembles at the sound of the name of Jesus. Don't use that name unless you mean business. I encourage all Christians to pray for the President and also for this sniper.

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2002

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