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I have been almost literally tearing my hair out for the past several weeks trying to get TMPGEnc to work under Windows XP Pro, and am just about to either give up or network a Win9x box for the sole purpose of encoding on it. Thought I would try a help forum like this one before I gave up the ghost completely. System is not speedy but a decent workhorse... we're talking a Pentium III 550 Slot 1 processor and an Asus P2B motherboard with 384mb RAM and 40GB HD storage under XP Pro.

VCD creation: 1) SmartRipper to get the .vobs and so forth onto the hard drive. 2) DVD2AVI to give TMPGEnc what it needs. 3) TMPGEnc (latest version, 2.58 I believe) to create VCD-compliant mpegs.

The whole process works great on a Celeron 667 Win98 box, and steps 1 and 2 work great on my XP box, but TMPGEnc bombs every single time somewhere between 2 and 15 minutes into the encoding process with either a "Privelege order error", or something equally fatal. I put those same exact files that I'm trying to encode over onto the Win98 box, and it plods right through the whole thing no problem at all.

Any suggestions short of "Do not encode under XP."? It's makin me nuts.

-- Chip Morrow (, October 10, 2002


Not much help, I know, but it might comfort you to know you're not the only one. My situation is almost identical - works perfectly on Pentium III 1.5GHz running Win'98 SE - dies horribly on Pentium 4 1.8GHz running XP Pro. I get "Illegal floating decimal point calculation order" during any DivX to VCD conversion in TMPGEnc v2.58.44.152.

-- Gavin (, October 13, 2002.

.to the first poster..i know that xp pro has to be ntfs file system..just make sure it is..i have xp pro and never have any problems.also make sure you have the latest version of the second poster:you need to demux the audio and video so that the video is a regular avi..not divx..and make the audio a wav and not an mp3 then put the video and audio files in tmpg and encode.

-- john boy (, October 13, 2002.

XP Pro has to have the NTFS file system for TMPGEnc to work? That's not good. My system is not - I did the XP Pro upgrade, and the file system is FAT32.

-- Chip Morrow (, October 13, 2002.

Mine is P4 2GHz, 256MB RDRAM with XP Pro that was installed as an update from Win98SE that left all drives still FAT32. I have never had any problems with the TMPGencPlus, (2.58), using it through VideoServer plug-in from the Adobe Premiere 6 timeline (for legitimate projects sourced from DV tape shot with a Canon GL1). With the appropriate VFAPI TMPGenc can encode most multimedia files. I find though: it is most stable with AVI (VfW, which Premiere encourages despite 2GB filesize limit; FAT32 allows 4GB, in fact) at least the kind I exclusively use MainConcept DV codec 2.4; source and output files are on separate drives; priority on encoding with TMPGenc is set to "high"; and within a file there are no stream characteristic changes or glitches. The DVD-ripping off thing with DVD2AVI merely makes a pointer file that TMPGenc accepts. DVD2AVI is best used with streams that have only video one sub-stream (no multiangles, etc), which means you should have ripped off the *.vob specifying just one particular angle (DVDDecrypter3.1.2.0?) There are difficult things to do with XP, like when deliberately replacing codecs and *.dlls for experimentation, XP just as soon places the removed/altered files back. For the same level of stability and a little leeway in this regard I am planning to scale back to Windows 2000 Pro.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, October 14, 2002.

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