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al though i'm sure noone here is inerested i am going to talk about thunderpalooza. our concert ruled. we played such obgyn classics as skull and aria in e major. our giant skull made an appearance. and our side project cougar versus black bear made an appearance. they cut off our last song so i got mad and ripped the strings off my b.c. rich warlock guitar. then i hit myself in the head with it(cutting open my fore head) and smashed it into pieces. i then stood on the stage defiently while blood flowed down face. i looked somewhat like Andrew W.K.. we sold all of our albums and gave out dozens of buttons.

please visit: for more information.

soon we will have shirts. if you want to see/hear some of our art work please e-mail me as our site isn't very thorough.

-- Gunnbjorn tryggvason (, October 10, 2002

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